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If Jan Cohn is right in seeing this as the most pressing issue of romance, Norris is almost unique among romance authors in acknowledging it with open eyes and adjuring women, if not to change the existing social structure, at least to see it for what it is and work actively within it for their own well-being.
For many years, the SEC's chief accountant had been adjuring the Committee on Accounting Procedure to follow this course.
The rustling during the invocation and adjuring creates a sound, but the action itself has an impressive visual impact, especially when several yamabushi confront the demonic being, their legs astride, stamping their weight back and forth from one leg to the other during the rustling.
Francis Heller and Robert Ferrell describe their distinct experiences of collaborating on various Truman volumes as the old man and the circumstances changed over the years, while Stephen Ambrose portrays briefly the "Ancient Mariner" Nixon "tugging at our sleeve, anxious to tell us his story one more time, no matter how eager we are to move on," his battery of lawyers working tirelessly to contain the damage, to death and beyond, the voice of his mother calling from her grave (and now surely over to his), adjuring him never to give up -- with what success, the funeral eulogies in 1994 suggested.
In doing so, however, he compensates for his leniency by evoking as vividly as possible the deprivations of the solitary, celibate life, adjuring Hermia to picture herself 'in the livery of a nun',
Valerian goes to Saint Urban to be christened and finds on his return that he can see the angel, who gives Cecilia a crown of roses and him a crown of lilies, adjuring them to live a pure life.
On this the court, while adjuring the hearing, extended the NABs remand for Dr Asim Hussain by seven days.
Adjuring the Neorealist strand of Italian art that also emerged following the war and inspired by his growing cognizance of contemporary American developments, Rotella sloughed off this dutiful mode and by the late '50s had discovered the potential of the torn street poster as a hybrid form of painting.
She wonders "how shuld [she] bere" her child "So far from hame" (129-30), adjuring the universe itself: "his ded wold I not se, / ffor all this warld to wyn" (105-6).