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ADJUTANT. A military officer, attached to every battalion of a regiment. It is his duty to superintend, under his superiors, all matters relating to the ordinary routine of discipline in the regiment.

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Adjutant Stork are a rare species birds, which were once common across the wetlands in south-east Asia, but are now classified as endangered.
We covered a ton of topics with our department commanders and adjutants this year," said National Headquarters Executive Director Barry Jesinoski.
When Pearson "declined to resign because he was innocent," (6) Governor Hansen exercised his authority as "Governor and Commander in Chief' to relieve Pearson as "The Adjutant General, State of Wyoming, effective 25 November 1964.
In cadet lingo, the adjutant is referred to as the "bow wow" because the officer barks out orders handed down by the commander.
Some argue that the corps' name must remain aligned with Horatio Gates, the Adjutant General to General George Washington's Continental Army, in order to preserve appropriate lineage.
Brian Tarbet, Utah's adjutant general, said his state has certainly learned a lot from its partner, Morocco.
A dinner was recently held in honour of the Adjutant General of the British Army, Lieutenant General Sir Alistair Irwin KCB CBE.
The Education Minster told the inquiry into the 1972 killings he was "the adjutant (second in command) of the Derry Command of the IRA" on the day of the shootings.
AN UNLUCKY loser when we were on him for his reappearance race, Adjutant must be given another chance to shine in the opening Charles Heidsieck Champagne Rated Handicap (2.
So Thompson - who referred to herself as "Acting Adjutant General of the Unorganized Militia of the U.