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ADJUTANT. A military officer, attached to every battalion of a regiment. It is his duty to superintend, under his superiors, all matters relating to the ordinary routine of discipline in the regiment.

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The State Commanders and Adjutants Association sometimes does not get the credit it is due," said Adjutant Burgess.
I think Marc is a great guy, and he will do great things for DAV," said Department of Minnesota Adjutant Stephen Whitehead.
She continued to fly UH-1 Hueys as the State Army Aviation Officer until her selection as the Deputy Adjutant General-Army.
Wright's service with the Pennsylvania National Guard has included serving as a UH-1 and CH-47 pilot with the 228th Aviation Company; adjutant of the 28th Aviation Battalion; flight operations platoon commander with the 1028th Transportation Company; and assistant operations and training officer, and flight operations officer at the Eastern Army National Guard Aviation Training Site.
John's passing is sad for those of us at DAV, but we can take comfort in knowing that he gave his full measure of strength and energy to the injured and ill veterans he advocated for," Adjutant Wilson said.
Secretary Butler will provide opening remarks, and Adjutant General Lynch will deliver the keynote presentation.
Jim provides leadership in support of the work by our Washington staff in nearly every veterans issue, including serving as DAV's point man in the vital development of VM electronic data program to accelerate claims decision using the Veterans Benefit Management System," said Adjutant Wilson.
James Mac Vay, state adjutant general, will lead a ceremony formally inducting seven members of a new Hall of Fame for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.
In 1987 he was appointed the full-time Deputy Adjutant General, in command of the California Army National Guard, until his military retirement in September 1989.
In his new position, Hart will play a crucial role in the daily operation and oversight of DAV's National Service Program which fulfills our promises to the men and women who served our nation," Adjutant Wilson said.
He is a decorated Gulf War veteran and, upon returning home from that war, served as a regimental adjutant at MCAGCC.
Pearson lived an exceptionally full life marked by dedication to her family and community, as well as to the DAV and the Auxiliary," said National Adjutant Arthur H.