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ADJUTANT-GENERAL. A staff officer; one of those next in rank to the Commander-in-chief.

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While acknowledging that Governor Hansen held "the sole power" to appoint the state's Adjutant General, the court unanimously concluded that Wyoming Statute 19-56 required "a court-martial or efficiency board" as a prerequisite to removing a military officer from office.
Some argue that the corps' name must remain aligned with Horatio Gates, the Adjutant General to General George Washington's Continental Army, in order to preserve appropriate lineage.
Brian Tarbet, Utah's adjutant general, said his state has certainly learned a lot from its partner, Morocco.
Antonovich will be assigned to the Office of the Adjutant General Support Group based in Sacramento.
Before his appointment as interim adjutant general, Byrne had commanded the 41st Infantry Brigade at the Tigard Armory.
Hengeveld, Deputy Adjutant General, Department of Military and Veterans Affairs; Adjutant John W.
Win Myint, adjutant general and secretary (3) of the ruling junta, and Tin Hla, quartermaster general and deputy prime minister as well as minister for Military Affairs in the junta's cabinet, were dismissed for unstated reasons as were two other deputy premiers and three ministers.
So Thompson - who referred to herself as "Acting Adjutant General of the Unorganized Militia of the U.
Event Also Honors 43-Year Military Career of Arizona Adjutant General Rataczak
The Office of the Adjutant General ( OTAG ), including the Department of Emergency Services and the North Dakota National Guard, has facilities throughout the State of North Dakota.
Craig, the adjutant general of Pennsylvania, also sent a memo to Pennsylvania Guard members and federal civilian employees on Thursday, describing what is being done by his office to alleviate mounting hardships caused by Congress' failure to pass a federal budget.
The controversy stemmed from different sets of records kept with the Adjutant General and Military Secretary branches of the Indian Army headquarters.