administer punishment

See: inflict
References in classic literature ?
He had selected this day at the one time to administer punishment to two quarrelling women, to give a lesson to all other women, and to make all his subjects glad once again that they had him for ruler.
They are now gradually becoming used to it, but on its first appearance they were possessed with the idea that some strange and weird demon had visited the earth to administer punishment for their various sins."
Through streets and back lanes the pursuit continued, and ended only when Richards' lack of wind triumphed over his desire to administer punishment.
According to the Oregonian, the NCAA seeks to administer punishment for what they consider to be a "major violation," while the Ducks believe the incident is a "secondary violation."
Although the Jerusalem Council was powerful, Rome reserved the right to administer punishment for capital offenses.
The Commission aims to enable the parties to work together, not to administer punishment for past wrongs.
You decided to administer punishment beatings for revenge and to teach him a lesson."
Blues were left scratching their heads as their approach work and passing had been neat and tidy, but Coventry had shown them the way to administer punishment.
However, most studies find that individuals do administer punishment, presumably for non-monetary reasons.
REGARDING the recent report Four Children Quizzed After More Than 100 Animals Are Slaughtered (News, 05.07.08), there are two ways I would administer punishment if I was in charge.
The problem was Everton's giddiness made it easier for an official sticking directly to the letter of the law to administer punishment.
"Nothing in the Part of this Act shall be construed to take away or affect the right of any parent, teacher, or other person having the lawful control or charge of a child or young person to administer punishment to such child or young person." (3) Similarly, there were regulations for the use of corporal punishment in schools, and for lodging complaints against teachers who violated the regulations.