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According to El-Sisi, ETAA companies administrated a total of 29,100 Haj visas this season.
The CFDA's decision to approval the world first orally administrated selective HDACi for PTCLs is an important validation of the drug's therapeutic potential for this urgent medical need for Chinese PTCLs patients.
Orally administrated misoprostol tablets are rapidly absorbed in gastrointestinal tract.
PESHAWAR, January 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): The cultivation of opium has been resumed in federally administrated tribal areas of the country and report into this respect has been dispatched to NWFP Government and Federal Government by law enforcement agencies here on Sunday.
Speaker and Deputy Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly also administrated oath of their respective offices.
Federal-Mogul Corporation announced that the United Kingdom Administrated Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVAs) resolution became effective today.
The flu vaccine delivered to the healthcare management center will be administrated by the agency among those who are the most in need.
MI CLASS is managed and administrated by MBIA Municipal Investors Service Corporation (MBIA-MISC) on a nondiscretionary basis following approved investment management policies by the program's Board of Directors.
The computer system represents the output layers to the user by means of a virtual representation of a spatial entity generated by a computer, and the data for generating the layers are administrated by a data communication network.
Each user has a password-protected account, allowing the system to be easily administrated.
The PDA Process repository administrated by ARC for PDA provides the means to share data collected in accordance with the industry standard process defined in PDA Technical Report #32 between and among participating companies.
SIC acts to coordinate the information centers administrated by local planning commissions at provincial and city levels.

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