administration of resources

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Likewise, MIDIS is authorized to approve financial transfers in favor of the United Nations Development Program - UNDP and to conclude agreements for the administration of resources with that agency during Fiscal Year 2018 and until the first quarter of 2019.
An intuitive web-based management console enables users to create and self manage multiple clouds; automating the administration of resources including server instances, CPU/RAM/Disk, IP addresses, security, load balancing and more.
This justification is probably based on two things: Either poor administration of resources which have come in the form of donations, or the private companies in question sponsoring seminars and conferences to avoid punitive articles in their contracts with the ministry.
Deltek Vision is a Microsoft .Net based professional services automation (PSA) web-based solution which automates the planning, tracking and administration of resources and projects, integrating the company's end-to-end business processes.
The program, now free of charge to the jail, is administered by a nonprofit organization called The Administration of Resources and Choices.
"The commitment to justice requires an authentic change of lifestyle, above all in well-off societies, as well as a fair administration of resources."
Scope of supply can also be characterized as the implementation and execution environment with high computing power, high data capacity, high-speed communication, with a single user interface, with support for parallel environments and tasks, shared space with a powerful user data, with a single administration of resources, tasks and users and comprehensive monitoring intended for the realization of various computing-intensive tasks.

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