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"Late SLMC leader Hon Ashraff's call for a Coastal Administrative Unit in East was due to the inconveniences caused to Eastern Tamil speaking people who had to go all the way to Ampara for their administrative matters and even got inconvenienced further," said Vanni ACMC Leader Rishad Bathiudeen.
--Economic criteria, covering material and financial resources necessary for development -Demographic, administrative unit of population, its structure and employment potential;
The household was the essential productive unit, and households were assessed from each administrative unit for relocation to productive communities.
The concept of a separate administrative unit identified as technical services or technical processing was first proposed in 1939 (Coney, 1939).
Buckland of the Southern African Development Community's Food Security Technical and Administrative Unit in Harare, Zimbabwe.
At the Smarje pri Jelsah Administrative Unit, it is possible to record grants to the initiative at the headquarters of the Administrative Unit, Askercev trg 11, Smarje pri Jelsah, at the Department of Administrative Internal Affairs and Transport and at the local offices of Rogaska Slatina, Rogatec, Bistrica ob Sotli, Kozje and Pod?etrtek at the time their office hours.
LAHORE -- The Punjab government will issue an executive order to make South Punjab a separate administrative unit, says Muhammad Basharat Raja, provincial minister for law and parliamentary affairs.
In January 2015, Eco was assigned to the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Holding Administrative Unit when he told reporters that policemen assigned to secure Pope Francis during his visit to Manila had yet to get their P2,400 meal allowance.
The Chief Secretaries have been asked to come up with data and a short presentation for each province and administrative unit that would depict the current spread and challenges.
We would like to inform you that the local offices in the area of ??the Administrative Unit of Maribor will be re-opened from 16 September 2019.
Punjab is a vast administrative unit and to ensure efficiency bureaucratic offices, such as National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and the Passport and Immigration Department already organise themselves into two distinct administrative units: South Punjab and North Punjab.
Similarly, according to him, the tribal areas and Balochistan have their own cultural dynamics where two influential clans cannot be kept under one administrative unit as it will create problems in future.

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