administrative unit

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19 for 2015 on allowing the establishment of private holding joint stock companies with the aim of managing and investing administrative units or part of them.
Economic criteria, covering material and financial resources necessary for development -Demographic, administrative unit of population, its structure and employment potential;
The control was realized for 100% of the physical blocks in an administrative unit.
GNP candidates are also set to grab most posts for the 232 heads of low-level administrative units up for grabs, according to the results.
Some people remember fondly the days when Coventry and Warwickshire were one administrative unit.
The household was the essential productive unit, and households were assessed from each administrative unit for relocation to productive communities.
The concept of a separate administrative unit identified as technical services or technical processing was first proposed in 1939 (Coney, 1939).
Buckland of the Southern African Development Community's Food Security Technical and Administrative Unit in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Starting in the 1880s and ending in 1958, Mali was an administrative unit French West Africa.
Work to receive the grant was begun more than a year ago by district administrators, teachers, the Stamford Education Association, the Stamford Administrative Unit, national education consultants, and GE leaders with the help of a $900,000 planning grant from the GE Foundation.
7 (SUNA)- The official and people's 'preparations were completed in Al-Fasher, the capital of North Darfur State, and at Tabat administrative unit Darfur State, to receive the First Vice - President of the Republic, Lt.
Boma, a code name for southern Sudan lowest administrative unit, is a major location the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) controlled since 1985.

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