administrator of justice

See: judge
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Responding to the senator, Guevarra promised that the DOJ would leave up to its name of being the 'administrator of justice' to everyone.
The DOJ chief, nevertheless, assured Trillanes that the DOJ would live up to its name as administrator of justice to everyone.
Writing about Fernande was about being an administrator of justice, since her memoirs had been banned for a long time.
The Saints' Lives cast Arthur as a secular ruler and administrator of justice; while secular he is not evil and he does not oppose the saints so much as form part of society.
She talked about her "lofty aspirations to be independent administrator of justice" when the JBC asked her if she might be pro-Aquino throughout in her decisions to be made at the Apex Court.
Taylor, though, maintained that football was a swifter administrator of justice than the courts, and that the repercussions of the Bowyer affair could be damaging for the game as a whole.

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