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An emergency administratorship may be authorized in order to secure and safeguard an affiliate's assets and vital records from immediate threat, provided that the AFT's Executive Council approves within five business days and a committee charged with a formal investigation with full due process rights and procedures is constituted within 24 hours of such a vote.
District Judge Barry Ted Moskowitz today affirmed the authority of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) to place the United Domestic Workers union (UDW) under administratorship because "if the administratorship is not imposed .
AFSCME placed its 60,000 member affiliate union under administratorship and suspended its leaders on June 15, 2005, after an internal AFSCME Judicial Panel investigation found that UDW President Ken Seaton-Msemaji and Secretary- Treasurer Fahari Jeffers mismanaged the union's finances, drove UDW to the brink of bankruptcy and covered their tracks with shoddy and deceptive bookkeeping.
Specifically, McEntee's decision to place the Local under administratorship was based on the following:
It is apparent from the record in this matter that the funds of Local 1549 were being dissipated and that such dissipation would have continued if the administratorship had not been imposed," stated the Judicial Panel in upholding McEntee's action.