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ADMINISTRATRIX. This term is applied to a woman to whom letters of administration have been granted. See Administrator.

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The Lott of ground and buildings thereupon left by Assher Levy at his decease, and at present in ye possession of ye administratrix, Cittuated within ye Citty of New Yorke at ye Water gate
Had Drye's mother established a testamentary, spendthrift trust (rather than the administratrix establishing an inter vivos trust) in her will and left her estate to the trust rather than to Drye, Drye could have avoided a "property" or "right to property" determination.
O'Connor's administratrix went to court to recover a much reduced claim of $2,750.
In Dalm, an administratrix of an estate had been a long-time employee of the decedent.
Enter my mother's sister, the administratrix of this hospital-to-be.
Zeny, the daughter of the now deceased Manuela and the duly appointed administratrix of the intestate estate of the matriarch, sued Shintaro for estafa through falsification of public document.
After a detainee committed suicide while being held in a county jail, his mother, individually, on behalf of the detainee's wrongful death beneficiaries, and as administratrix of the detainee's estate, brought an action against the county, sheriff, jail staff, and others, asserting claims for deprivation of civil rights, equitable relief, and declaratory judgment.
An instrument dated June 6, 2004, was, on the 23rd day of January, 2014, admitted to Probate as the Last Will arid Testament of the above-named decedent arid the undersigned has been appointed Administratrix with Will Annexed.
The mother of a deceased inmate brought an action, as administratrix of the inmate's estate, against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a county sheriffs department, a county sheriff, and corrections officers, alleging that the defendants violated the inmate's Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights.
CASE FACTS: On January 18, 2005, Muna Ahmed, individually, and as administratrix of the estate of Malek Ahmed (her deceased husband), filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice complaint in the Superior Court for Providence, County, naming St.
Colleen Hothan was appointed Administratrix of her mother's estate.