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Awards are given for each of the nine criteria, additionally an overall Britain's Most Admired Company award is given to the company with the highest total score.
FORTUNE also announced last week that Continental was ranked the most admired airline on its annual 'America's Most Admired' airline industry list.
It's one of the best and most subversive photos White has made--one that should satisfy both those who loved his earlier works because of their strenuous outlandishness and those who admired them in spite of it.
Integrity Works: Strategies for Becoming a Trusted, Respected and Admired Leader, by Dana Telford and Adrian Gostick, Foreward by John W.
But when it comes to his countrymen, he's more than admired - he's revered.
They admired violence, especially when committed by those like the Black Panthers and Charles Manson, who were willing to kill for their beliefs, no matter how bizarre.
Stagolee confronts one or more antagonists; he kills and is subsequently feared, admired, or lamented.
Its ten chapters are preceded by an introduction in which the premise of this study is set out: the importance of travel in the eastern Mediterranean; the influence of eastern prototypes and the way this influence varied according to what the West admired at a particular historical moment; the elite status held by oriental works of art; the importance of East-West trade, travel, and industrial competition among the Mediterranean countries.
On the following pages you'll find who we consider to be the most admired Latinos today.
was the undisputed king of the pharmaceutical industry It pioneered groundbreaking drugs for cholesterol and hypertension, topped all rivals in sales and was named America's most admired company by Fortune seven years in a row--a record still unmatched.
Fortune magazine's 2003 America's Most Admired Companies issue has named SBC Communications Inc.