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said the poor creature, feeling the relief of the coolness and taking Magdalen's hand, admiringly, in her own.
Why, honour to her old Welsh blood, my dear," cried my guardian with enthusiasm, "I believe the heart it animates beats no less warmly, no less admiringly, no less lovingly, towards Dame Durden than my own
Mildred had listened, with some pretence of disgust sometimes, but generally with curiosity; and Philip, admiringly, had enlarged upon his friend's good looks and charm.
Only you need not have bought me this," she added, unable to suppress a smile as she gazed admiringly at a gold comb set with pearls, of a kind then just coming into fashion.
Indeed, the chief burden of the talk fell upon him, and he sustained it to-night in a manner which caused his sons to look at him admiringly now and then; for they felt shy of Denham, and were glad not to have to talk themselves.
Flushing exclaimed; and Wilfrid returned admiringly, "I believe you're the only person who dares to say that, Alice.
Vincy's face, in which forty-five years had delved neither angles nor parallels; and pushing back her pink capstrings, she let her work rest on her lap, while she looked admiringly at her daughter.
Thus I cannot tell what happened, but presently David exclaimed admiringly, "Oh, mother, do it again
The face, when completed, could not have been considered strictly beautiful; but it wore a smile so big and broad, and was so Jolly in expression, that even Tip laughed as he looked admiringly at his work.
But it's good advice for the foolish," said the donkey, admiringly.
You are very smart, Ernestine," he said, looking her admiringly.
He looked admiringly at Alban (sitting opposite to him), and said: "Let us listen.