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A term used to describe information that is relevant to a determination of issues in any judicial proceeding so that such information can be properly considered by a judge or jury in making a decision.

Evidence is admissible if it is of such a character that the court is bound to accept it during the trial so that it may be evaluated by the judge or jury. Admissible evidence is the foundation of the deliberation process by which a court or jury decides upon a judgment or verdict.

The Federal Rules of Evidence regulate the admissibility of evidence in federal courts. State rules of evidence determine evidence that is admissible in state court proceedings.


adjective a` propos, acceptable, aequus, allowable, allowed, applicable, appropriate, authorized, justifiable, legal, legitimate, licensed, passable, permitted, presentable, proper, qualified, sanctioned, suitable, tolerable, unexceptionable, unforbidden, unobjectionable, unprohibited, warrantable, warranted
Associated concepts: admissions of party-opponent, declarations against interest, limited admissibility, McNabb-Mallory rule, Miranda rule, nolo contendere, offer of proof, probative value, requests for admissions, seconddry evidence
See also: allowable, allowed, appropriate, justifiable, licit, pardonable, passable, permissible, relevant, right, suitable, unobjectionable


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Earlier, the marriage grant was admissible to only incapacitated and family of the deceased employees.
Islamabad, April 14, 2010 (Frontier Star): National Assembly Finance Committee has approved the continuation of various temporary posts in the National Assembly for the year 2010-11 and enhancement of session allowance and electricity/ fuel subsidy admissible to the employees of the National Assembly.
Supreme Court specifically adopted the common law rule that a voluntary confession is presumed to be reliable and, therefore, admissible.
The process will help a judge determine whether an expert's opinion will be admissible at trial well in advance of the trial itself.
According to the notification, the amount of this adhoc relief allowance - 2013 will be subject to Income Tax , will be admissible during leave and entire period of LPR except during extra ordinary leave.
The district court denied summary judgment for the defendants, finding that a jailer's record notations that a judge had ordered the detainee to remain in jail and later had ordered the detainee released, were admissible as non-hearsay evidence that the jailer did not act with deliberate indifference in retaining custody.
The state will ask the Court of Appeals to rule it admissible or allow them to relitigate at the Superior Court level as to whether it's admissible,'' said Lane's attorney, Eric Engan.
20] Whether a suspect's statement during his custodial interrogation will be admissible in evidence depends on whether the police provided him with these four warnings and obtained an appropriate waiver.
This enables UWB to use significantly higher peak powers than those admissible for high data rate communications systems.
According to details 10 years Automatic Age Relaxation will be admissible to Government Servants who have completed two years continuous service.
Mohave County prosecutors and Lane's attorney are now battling over whether the girl's confession to authorities should be admissible in court.
Here the district court has suppressed a confession that, on its face, is admissible under the mandate of 3501.