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A term used to describe information that is relevant to a determination of issues in any judicial proceeding so that such information can be properly considered by a judge or jury in making a decision.

Evidence is admissible if it is of such a character that the court is bound to accept it during the trial so that it may be evaluated by the judge or jury. Admissible evidence is the foundation of the deliberation process by which a court or jury decides upon a judgment or verdict.

The Federal Rules of Evidence regulate the admissibility of evidence in federal courts. State rules of evidence determine evidence that is admissible in state court proceedings.


adjective a` propos, acceptable, aequus, allowable, allowed, applicable, appropriate, authorized, justifiable, legal, legitimate, licensed, passable, permitted, presentable, proper, qualified, sanctioned, suitable, tolerable, unexceptionable, unforbidden, unobjectionable, unprohibited, warrantable, warranted
Associated concepts: admissions of party-opponent, declarations against interest, limited admissibility, McNabb-Mallory rule, Miranda rule, nolo contendere, offer of proof, probative value, requests for admissions, seconddry evidence
See also: allowable, allowed, appropriate, justifiable, licit, pardonable, passable, permissible, relevant, right, suitable, unobjectionable


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He said that the only admissible evidence is what Zia himself collected.
Senior advocate Jayant Bhushan said that section 65B of the Evidence Act was a "procedural provision" intended to "supplement the law" by declaring that any information in an electronic record, "is admissible in any proceedings without further proof of the original".
Advocate General Islamabad Mian Abdul Rauf tells The Express Tribune, 'The Punjab Forensic Science Agency was established under the law which provides that experts performing a function in the said agency are deem to be experts themselves and their DNA reports will be admissible without calling the experts in witness box, says a senior law officer.
Admissible root-mean-square deviation limit of the random component of the basic
While reviewing the Financial Statements and regulatory Returns of he Company for the year ended December 31, 2012, it was noted that the company was not having admissible assets in excess of liabilities to meet the minimum solvency requirements of Rs.
According to Section 7 or 'Inadmissibility of Evidence,' any record, photo or video which violates the said law should not be admissible as evidence in any judicial, quasi-judicial, legislative or administrative hearing or investigation.
Authenticity and verifiable contextual data of smartphone footage is an issue for professionals using smartphones to capture evidence or document events in a way which is admissible in court or reaches insurance claim and compliance standards.
He had objected to the clause that allowed intercepted phone calls as admissible evidence.
Polyviou added that it is his opinion there aren't many admissible facts referring in particular to a decision by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the appeal or appeals before the Supreme Court against that decision and the present indictment.
Registrar Office had raised objection and advised to take the issue to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) whereas on pleading yet again, Justice Nasir Ali Shah dismissed Registrar Office's objection and declared the petition admissible today.
Further, unbounded bilinear systems in reflexive Banach spaces are not concerned, which makes hard to find examples of admissible operators enabling us to treat significant examples.
Polygraph tests are not admissible as evidence in court but are used by the probation service to determine if sex offenders can be freed from prison.