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A term used to describe information that is relevant to a determination of issues in any judicial proceeding so that such information can be properly considered by a judge or jury in making a decision.

Evidence is admissible if it is of such a character that the court is bound to accept it during the trial so that it may be evaluated by the judge or jury. Admissible evidence is the foundation of the deliberation process by which a court or jury decides upon a judgment or verdict.

The Federal Rules of Evidence regulate the admissibility of evidence in federal courts. State rules of evidence determine evidence that is admissible in state court proceedings.


adjective a` propos, acceptable, aequus, allowable, allowed, applicable, appropriate, authorized, justifiable, legal, legitimate, licensed, passable, permitted, presentable, proper, qualified, sanctioned, suitable, tolerable, unexceptionable, unforbidden, unobjectionable, unprohibited, warrantable, warranted
Associated concepts: admissions of party-opponent, declarations against interest, limited admissibility, McNabb-Mallory rule, Miranda rule, nolo contendere, offer of proof, probative value, requests for admissions, seconddry evidence
See also: allowable, allowed, appropriate, justifiable, licit, pardonable, passable, permissible, relevant, right, suitable, unobjectionable


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The court after hearing the arguments, the court took a 15-minute break to discuss whether or not the JIT report, witnesses statements and its analyses were admissible.
Admissible deviation limit of an additional error when measuring the transmission factor of
Total net admissible assets (Excess of assets over Liabilities)###30,852,000
He had objected to the clause that allowed intercepted phone calls as admissible evidence.
Polyviou added that it is his opinion there aren't many admissible facts referring in particular to a decision by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the appeal or appeals before the Supreme Court against that decision and the present indictment.
Polygraph tests are not admissible as evidence in court but are used by the probation service to determine if sex offenders can be freed from prison.
Such a successful analysis is built on the following finiteness property [1]: For any reductive symmetric pair (G, H) and for any irreducible admissible representation [pi]:
BRUSSELS, May 21 (KUNA) -- The Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Wednesday delivered its judgment confirming the decision of the ICC Pre-Trial Chamber declaring admissible the case against Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi.
The decision to raise the maximum admissible level of water release from Lake Sevan will have a negative effect on the lake's
Clearly, environmental reports are designed to provide admissible evidence.
It feared challenges under the Human Rights Act to the right to privacy if its methods became admissible in court.