admission of fault

See: confession
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Through sincere admission of fault before God, the past ceases to be an anchor that holds us back.
She walks away with a check - but no apology, no neutral evaluation of her claim's merits, no admission of fault by anyone.
Then, let's give our customers, tenants, employees and bosses the gift of our admission of fault.
The agreement is not an admission of fault or concession of liability or wrongdoing by Arbitron regarding any allegations of law or fact alleged in the Complaint, and Arbitron denies such allegations.
The state did impose a Consent Order, which is required to be disclosed in Item 3 and relates to both the franchise entity and the principal owner who conducted the non-compliant sales activity, but the order did not require any admission of fault.
Indeed his inability to grasp the most rudimentary principles of state-building and his deep seated insecurity as a leader combine to make any admission of fault unlikely, in turn confounding our best efforts to find in Karzai a responsible partner," a cable said.
Section 69 of the NSW Civil Liability Act allows for an apology to be made without it being legally interpreted as an admission of fault or guilt.
The comments, a rare admission of fault by the isolated state, came at the start of talks on Wednesday between officials from North and South Korea aimed at avoiding a repeat of the incident.
This week the unnamed GP, a member of the Medical Protection Society, paid compensation to Mrs Clarke in an out of court settlement, without admission of fault.
Ma said he would continue pursuing a formal admission of fault from Tokyo, adding that expressions of regret fall short of Taipei's demands for an apology.
The case was withdrawn by agreement of the parties without any admission of fault.