admission of fault

See: confession
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Under the terms of the MOU, the parties agree to work together to prepare a final settlement agreement that would resolve on a nationwide basis the claims of all purchasers of Morning Star Strand Bamboo from January 1, 2012 through March 15, with no admission of fault or liability by the company.
An admission of fault or issuance of public apology is unacceptable,'' she insisted.
The PCB had the option of imposing a new ban of four months on the cricketer but decided to extend his original sanction by six weeks due to ShehzadA's "immediate admission of fault", "honesty" and the matches he participated in being "friendly" club games.
This settlement resolves the charge, without any admission of fault, penalties, or payment of back wages, the company said.
Today we announce that the lawsuit against JMI has been settled on mutually acceptable terms with no admission of fault. Under this settlement agreement, Johnson Matthey will recognise a charge of 50 million in connection with resolution of the lawsuit.
Your letter states one such helper -- privacy -- and implies another -- an admission of fault by your husband.
The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that apologies by physicians that include an admission of fault cannot be used against them in court, upholding a lower court decision that spared a doctor's comments from being heard at trial.
Vivian's statements were properly excluded, finding that Ohio's apology law is ambiguous because, according to the term's dictionary definition, "apology" may or may not include an admission of fault. But the decision conflicted with the case of Davis v.
Then the admission of fault. "But, alas, I was fooled--along with all of the CEOs of the miners--by China.
Cameron's admission of fault comes after a torrid period for his Conservative government.
Cameron's candid admission of fault, during which he said he had been angered at how the media had portrayed his late father, comes after a torrid period for the Conservative government.
admission of fault. (170) This interpretation is not only contrary to