admission of foreigners

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Soon thereafter, the 'Voluntary Registration and Regulation Ordinance, 2002' was promulgated in order to control and regulate the admission of foreigners into the Madrassas of Pakistan, and to keep a close tab on their activities.
Immigration PS Gordon Kihalangwa said all the operations concerning the admission of foreigners into Kenya, including the issuance of passports, is leveraged against security.
Admission of foreigners to military installations can be carried out solely on the basis of licenses issued pursuant to the Decision No 21 / MON of 10 February 2012.
Turkey previously had an exam, the Foreign National Student Examination (YEuS), for the admission of foreigners. In 2010, the test was abolished.
However government started crackdown against foreigners, as a result ban was imposed on admission of foreigners in language centres.
The permit's length of validity and the admission of foreigners onto the work market remain purely national issues.