admit frankly

See: avow
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I admit frankly that the sufferings of other people do not affect me in the slightest."
And both were noble enough to admit frankly their astonishment in the reports which they made as judges, when they gave Bell a Certificate of Award.
I also admit frankly that I am not epitome of sloth.
They admit frankly that they are asking for nothing less than "conversion" on the part of their churches.
They celebrate successes, admit frankly to failures, but never indulge in the negativism that can take you spiralling down into the plughole of despair.
But it is time for the president to admit frankly that he was wrong to invade Iraq and make fresh calls on both the Iraqi people and the international community to support efforts to rebuild the nation.
Furthermore, the author writes from a left-wing perspective, which he is honest enough to admit frankly. Such a perspective is not inherently objectionable; however, when it leads to dubious judgments about what to incorporate as part of the tank's history, it becomes a problem.
We mourn for Cariboo, and we admit frankly that although this newspaper reported a year ago that the end of the diocese was sealed and delivered, we hoped that it would not be so.
The first would be to admit frankly that the development is purely 'commercial'.