admit guilt

See: confess
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The court stated that Imlay's right to challenge his conviction based on new evidence "would be rendered meaningless if [he] could be compelled to admit guilt as a condition to his continued freedom .
He spent the next six months in jail, during which prosecutors unsuccessfully sought to entice him to admit guilt and accept a plea bargain.
After hearing the whole story, the lawyer came to a logical conclusion: The Regina executives needed to admit guilt and throw themselves on the mercy of the court.
But they're endearing--if nothing else for Alger Hiss's absolute refusal to admit guilt, confess weakness, feel sorry for himself, or blame others.
based financial service firm did not admit guilt in that settlement.
Butts latest comments seem to be following International Cricket Council (ICC) protocol on rehabilitation of corrupt players who must admit guilt, take part in corrective education and inform the public of the perils of match-fixing.
I don't admit guilt, the accusation has not been proven, the origin of evidences is not clear, it is all far-fetched," Ospanov told in a courtroom.
Ben McDevitt, ASADA chief executive is also allegedly willing to apply the 75 per cent discount, which applies for athletes who admit guilt.
Cunliffe must serve a minimum of 12 years, but could be in prison longer as he refuses to admit guilt.
Vincent is one of the three players, including former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful and Sri Lankan spinner Kaushal Lokuarachchi, to admit guilt before a special hearing after nine players and officials were investigated by the Bangladesh Cricket Board's (BCB) three-member anti-corruption tribunal
Such pleas are used when a defendant does not want to admit guilt but wants to avoid the possibility of conviction on a more serious charge or a harsher sentence.