admit guilt

See: confess
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Where a prisoner claimed his rights were violated when he was removed from his prison job and placed in more restrictive housing after refusing to participate in a sexual offender treatment program because the treatment required him to sign documents admitting guilt, the issue was since prison guidelines no longer required him to admit guilt to participate.
The DOJ also presented other witnesses from the DND as well as the court's lawyer Maria Rhodora Malabag-Peralta and GMA News online reporter Mark Maruenas to show that Trillanes failed to admit guilt.
The President earlier voided Trillanes' amnesty and ordered his arrest due to the former mutineer's alleged failure to file an application form and admit guilt.
The proclamation declared that the amnesty granted to Trillanes is "void from the beginning" because the senator failed to comply with the requirements for amnesty: He did not file for amnesty and he did not admit guilt. But Soriano said that the court "finds and so holds that Trillanes did file his amnesty application in the prescribed form in which he also admitted guilt for his participation in the Oakwood Mutiny, among others, and in which he further recanted all previous statements that he may have made contrary to said admission.
Only one of those accused suddenly claimed I offered him RM3.5 million through an unnamed Prisons Department officer to admit guilt in the Morais murder.'
Through the way it is regulated the possibility of the offender to admit guilt, we consider that it is removed the possibility of eventual judiciary errors.
But Matthew Pattison, of Holme Park Court in Berry Brow, decided to admit guilt to damaging a door handle and frame, which cost PS150 to repair.
Though he did not admit guilt for the crimes for which he was convicted, the clemency request included a letter from Qatsav in which he apologizes in general if anyone was hurt by his actions.
Cunliffe must serve a minimum of 12 years, but could be in prison longer as he refuses to admit guilt.
Vincent is one of the three players, including former Bangladesh captain Mohammad Ashraful and Sri Lankan spinner Kaushal Lokuarachchi, to admit guilt before a special hearing after nine players and officials were investigated by the Bangladesh Cricket Board's (BCB) three-member anti-corruption tribunal
If a (hypothetical) prisoner were to admit guilt for "opportunistic" reasons (quicker release) they might then be stopped from proclaiming their innocence after the final end of their full sentence.