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Now, admittedly, in such harsh economic times Amy, a meeting planner, is lucky to be employed.
Admittedly, an adversarial environment does seem to have enveloped much of long-term care over the past few years, arising from government's punitive approach to its legitimate monitoring and oversight responsibilities.
Admittedly, CJR is published only six times a year, but that is all the more reason to coordinate the fulfillment department with accounts receivable.
So admittedly, this reviewer's knowledge of the opera is severely limited.
agencies with rigorous comments that can help us think through the remaining issues and, possibly, simplify an admittedly complex framework.
In my admittedly pessimistic view, this way they could avoid penalties while striving to reach the high levels they wanted.
He is admittedly angry at the entire trucking industry for not showing drivers more respect by enabling them to survive on a decent wage.
Hyponatremia, a seriously low blood sodium condition caused by consuming too much water without replacing electrolytes adequately, is admittedly rare among healthy runners and probably gets a disproportionate amount of attention from the press.
Although the practice "hurt initially," he began to feel a slow opening up of the sacrum and realigning of his admittedly twisted spine.
Happily, with the publication of the admittedly oddly named but effectively constructed Complete Idiot's Guide, we now have a book that faithfully mirrors the many realities of this faith.
By the admittedly uncharitable criteria of novelty and originality, Weigel's effort is only a qualified success.