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15] By definition, all these tumors contain intimately admixed epithelial and mesenchymal elements by standard light microscopic examination.
The lymphocytes range from small to large transformed cells, With admixed immunoblasts and even Reed-Sternberg-like cells.
com) is the leading provider of high quality sterile admixed and repackaged preparations and oral repackaging services to hospital pharmacies nationwide.
Histologically, it is characterized by the presence of a large number of histiocytes, many of which contain engulfed inflammatory cells (emperipolesis), and admixed lymphocytes, plasma cells, and neutrophils in various proportions.
The claimed biocides are naturally occurring, non-toxic and readily biodegrade-able amino acid polymers generally comprising six to 25 amino acids capable of being admixed into a binder, including thermoplastic and thermosetting binders.
Such polyethylene is obtained by ethylene polymerization in the presence of a catalyst prepared from alumina admixed with magnesium chloride in amounts between 15% and 60% by mass, and where the ethylene/hydrogen ratio varies between 6.
described heterogenous enhancement on MRI and CT due to differential enhancement of the admixed cellular and collagenous components.
This type of study, done on admixed populations shows that each person is a composite of their ancestors and that the range of facial features is a continuum," says Shriver.
The ability for scientists to use human admixed embryos will keep the UK at the forefront of efforts to harness the potential of stem cell research," said Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, the chief executive of the Medical Research Council.
Wanker, signatory thus of the Poisons Book when acquiring the powder of strychnine which he admixed with the health salts of mine host at the Blue Anchor, Byfleet, thus changing them into lethally unhealthy salts, all because of his illicit love for that worthy's wife, mine hostess, Mabel.
If we want to sustain stem cell research and bring new cures and treatments to millions of people, I believe admixed embryos are necessary," Brown said.
Mr Simmonds accused the Government of "shifting" position on true hybrids, adding: "This seems to undermine any consistent ethical position surrounding admixed embryos.