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The launch of our newest line of admixtures represents our continuing strategy of identifying the distinct needs of each target market and developing products that both add value and improve performance.
Adequate mixing of active drug and excipients in solid preparations has been quantified by parameters such as 'blend time' (time for mixing of ingredients), with a positive correlation demonstrated between increasing blend time and homogeneity of an admixture (3).
The concrete added with admixture was poured in to the mould, compacted well and kept at room temperature for 24 hrs.
The coking of stamped charges with admixtures was performed in a steel retort equipped with a temperature sensor in the center of a charge and another under an arch in the oven.
One of the first to enter this expanding market with solutions for the building industry was Degussa Admixtures and L.
Because the jobsite addition of the accelerating admixture was critical to the success of this project, forward-thinking managers from Boxley invested their time, talents, and resources in designing and building a customized admixture trailer used on the project.
In many ways, additives and admixtures are a mystery: They work on a molecular level, so you can't see them perform; many of the blends are proprietary or pre-blended into composite admixtures or finish materials, so you don't always know what's in them; and products designed for long-term durability can't truly show their stuff for a few years.
The products include admixtures to give strength and durability to concrete in different climatic conditions, sealants for reservoirs, dams and tunnels, and products to extend the life of old structures.
Ohio-based adhesive, sealant, gel and coating specialist Silicone Solutions plans a 2018 World of Concrete launch for a nano-silica admixture that effectively converts Types I and II portland cement to a Type IV low heat binder.
Global specialty chemicals firm Sika AG continued its expansion into growth markets that it started in earnest in 2015 with the opening in February of its concrete admixture production plant in Ethiopia.
ClickPress, Sun Aug 23 2015] Waterproofing Admixture Market by Type (Crystalline, Pore Blocking and Others), by Application (Building & Construction, Public Infrastructure, and Commercial Space) - Global Forecast to 2020
The new admixture technology enabling these properties is being made available globally under the brand of MasterEase," David Bowerman, regional business segment manager for BASF's admixture systems and cement additives in the Middle East, West Asia, CIS & Africa said.