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Based on the records, two lawyers have been disbarred from January to June 2017; 15 have been suspended from the practice of law; eight have been suspended from the practice of law and notarial practice; four have been suspended from notarial practice; three have been reprimanded; five have been admonished and sternly warned; 16 lawyers were fined; and three were ordered arrested and detained.
Sheriff Wyllie Robertson admonished Meldrum for his part in the incident.
Most of the stations that aired it have been admonished with no financial penalty.
2 : to give friendly advice or encouragement <I admonished them to keep trying.
As a child I was admonished to "look both ways" and "not cross until the street is clear.
The transport ministry admonished 11 airport and government officials on Friday, including a supervisor for air traffic controllers, for instructing a passenger aircraft to land on a closed runway at Tokyo's busiest domestic airport last month when all 18 controllers on duty forgot it was closed for maintenance.
My late father, a chemist, always admonished me to beware of acetylene, propane, and ethane, as they were highly volatile.
Henry David Thoreau famously admonished that we too often lead lives of "quiet desperation.
Built in 1647, the Red House in Marshfield, Massachusetts was the home of one family for eight generations: the original owner/builder's will hung in the living room and admonished future generations to keep the house in the family: a dictate which was to end when the house was sold to author Sarah Messer's parents.
The Copenhagen Stock Exchange in Denmark has reportedly admonished the brewery group Carlsberg A/S for disclosures made at an analysts' meeting in Portugal during the Euro 2004 football championships.
She and the boys are quite ignorant about sexual matters, for the most part, but they have been warned against pederasts, admonished to stick together for protection.
It doesn't matter that you were later admonished in court.