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Data culled from the Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC) also showed that during the first six months of the year, a total of 83 lawyers were sanctioned either through disbarment, suspension from their practice of law, suspension from notarial practice or both notarial practice and the practice of law, fined, reprimanded or admonished, warned and censured.
Aside from the judges, data from the Office of the Court Administrator also showed that 94 lower court employees have also been admonished, fined, reprimanded or had their benefits suspended.
Sheriff Morag Shankland then informed Graham: "You have been of good behaviour, so you are admonished."
Hollywoodwas admonished and dismissed by Sheriff Wyllie Robertson.
Prior to the application, Rasheed chaired a meeting of railways officials where he reportedly admonished them for telling 'stories' about the department's better performance.
Nicholas, "who fed the hungry, brought hope to the imprisoned, gave comfort to the lost." He admonished lawmakers "to serve other people in their need," and "to pray for the unemployed and those who work but still struggle to make ends meet."
Out of the 120 cases decided, 99 were dismissed, eight admonished, benefits of two judges were forfeited, one was dismissed from the service, 10 were reprimanded and three were suspended.
The head of France's parliament on Tuesday admonished newcomers from President Emmanuel Macron's party for noisy partying in the assembly's bar after late-night sessions.
Jennifer, 42, who was released from hospital yesterday after suffering a stress-induced heart attack, said: "How did he manage to get admonished? "If I was in court to give my evidence, he wouldn't have been.
A number of television stations have been admonished for a fleeting reference to a website during a children's program -- but in the unfortunate case of KSBY-TV San Luis Obispo, there was more to the story.
China's Outgoing Head of State Hu Jintao Admonished His Ruling Communist Party to Combat Official Corruption That Has Stoked Public Anger, as He Prepares to Hand Over Power After a Decade in Office
So come on girls, have a go at the young studs who quite rightly should be admonished, but cut us old boys a bit of slack, I'm trying.