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An admonishment for minor misconduct is the lowest form of discipline.
We will survive uncounted admonishments from newspaper columnists, television pundits, and, yes, even spiritual leaders, against succumbing to Christmas consumerism.
When discounters and mass merchants expected consumers to pick up heavy boxes of flat packed furniture (most of them bearing admonishments to use a buddy system), the profile of the typical RTA customer mirrored that of the typical body-builder.
They included frequent admonishments, directed at onlookers, to remember who did it to them 50 years ago and frequent vows never to let such a thing happen again.
I tired of the occasional admonishments about poor posture and
Anne de Beauprd, a blue robed, hand-tinted Virgin-she has to be a Virgin in a dress that blue, holding aloft a little man in pink pajamas and this, of course, is Jesus, gold spikes of light flying from him straight and strict as a grade school teacher's admonishments, or a father's: Sit still.
The Everton left-back's excellent run and weighted pass to create the opening for Gary Cahill's scuffed equaliser failed to elicit a flicker of recognition, but both were full of admonishments when they accused Baines of failing to stop Arjen Robben's winning strike a few minutes later.
There are many examples of disability in the Hebrew Bible from generic admonishments regarding the lame and the blind in the legal texts to the afflictions of job.
Kuehne noted that the comment to the new rule specifically provides that while admonishments will not be published in the Bar News in Disciplinary Actions, they may be published electronically on the Bar's Web site.
Secondly, the Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals, and 362 to heterosexuals.
Another 17 received light admonishments, which are not counted as disciplinary action, it said.
He was also the subject of seven neglect of duty allegations and six preventable traffic collisions resulting in five admonishments and 35 suspension days for a total of 101 suspension days.