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Any formal verbal statement made during a trial by a judge to advise and caution the jury on their duty as jurors, on the admissibility or nonadmissibility of evidence, or on the purpose for which any evidence admitted may be considered by them. A reprimand directed by the court to an attorney appearing before it cautioning the attorney about the unacceptability of his or her conduct before the court. If the attorney continues to act in the same way, ignoring the admonition, the judge will find him or her in Contempt of court, punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both. In criminal prosecution, before the court receives and records the plea of the accused, a statement made by a judge informing the accused on the effect and consequences of a plea of guilty to criminal charges.


noun admonishment, advance notice, advice, alarm, animadversion, caution, caveat, censure, commonition, contraindication, contrariety, contrary advice, counsel, dehortation, deprecation, dissuasion, exhortation, expostulation, foreboding, forewarning, hindrance, indication, instruction, intimidation, judicial reprimand, monition, notice, notification, object lesson, objection, protest, rebuke, reminder, remonstrance, reprimand, reprobation, reproof, signal, stricture, warning
See also: caution, caveat, charge, criticism, deterrence, deterrent, diatribe, direction, guidance, impeachment, monition, notice, objurgation, recommendation, remonstrance, reprimand, warning

ADMONITION. A reprimand from a judge to a person accused, on being discharged, warning him of the consequences of his conduct, and intimating to him, that should he be guilty of the same fault for which he has been admonished, he will be punished with greater severity. Merlin, Repert. h.t.
     2. The admonition was authorized by the civil law, as a species of punishment for slight misdemeanors. Vide Reprimand

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None of the other candidates has received letters of admonition from the Oregon State Bar.
Rather, my struggle is with the fear that this admonition will become so routine that I and others will not hear it, the fear that this admonition may well strike the poor as patronizing, and the fear that congregations that do little or nothing to help the poor will not be prohibited from using these words.
one of his end titles exclaims, a phrase that subsumes Massingham's entire oeuvre of warning and admonition.
The admonition to the State Department was, of course, an act of supererogation.
The two companies subject to admonition are PT Artika Optima Inti in Maluku dan PT Mutiara Kalja Permai in East Kalimantan.
During admonition period, the bhikkhus were seen sitting across the hall while the bhikkhunis were seated on the two sides with the newly ordained in the centre.
Still, there's some decent stuff, a review of the Pensacola Park (with photos of the park, but nobody skating) that ends with the admonition "Skate safe and enjoy
against treating nature as "quasi-divine," The admonition was given in a report on intensive farming by the Church of Scotland's Science, Religion and Technology Project, which described as "neo-pagan" the attitude that nature is "not to be tampered with lest 'she' strike us back.
Especially helpful to the listener and musician alike is the admonition to comprehend the musical form.
Halfway through the book one wishes for the Shakespearean admonition of "less telling and more told.
Referring to the old admonition "Use it or lose it," Bortz long ago began addressing the dilemma faced by countless older patients: "How do I not lose it when it hurts too much to use it?
never anything more than a good cigar" may prefer not to read it--an admonition which no responsible reviewer could observe.