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Any formal verbal statement made during a trial by a judge to advise and caution the jury on their duty as jurors, on the admissibility or nonadmissibility of evidence, or on the purpose for which any evidence admitted may be considered by them. A reprimand directed by the court to an attorney appearing before it cautioning the attorney about the unacceptability of his or her conduct before the court. If the attorney continues to act in the same way, ignoring the admonition, the judge will find him or her in Contempt of court, punishable by a fine, imprisonment, or both. In criminal prosecution, before the court receives and records the plea of the accused, a statement made by a judge informing the accused on the effect and consequences of a plea of guilty to criminal charges.


noun admonishment, advance notice, advice, alarm, animadversion, caution, caveat, censure, commonition, contraindication, contrariety, contrary advice, counsel, dehortation, deprecation, dissuasion, exhortation, expostulation, foreboding, forewarning, hindrance, indication, instruction, intimidation, judicial reprimand, monition, notice, notification, object lesson, objection, protest, rebuke, reminder, remonstrance, reprimand, reprobation, reproof, signal, stricture, warning
See also: caution, caveat, charge, criticism, deterrence, deterrent, diatribe, direction, guidance, impeachment, monition, notice, objurgation, recommendation, remonstrance, reprimand, warning

ADMONITION. A reprimand from a judge to a person accused, on being discharged, warning him of the consequences of his conduct, and intimating to him, that should he be guilty of the same fault for which he has been admonished, he will be punished with greater severity. Merlin, Repert. h.t.
     2. The admonition was authorized by the civil law, as a species of punishment for slight misdemeanors. Vide Reprimand

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Kid-friendly drawings pair with simple, kid-accessible admonitions to make for a valuable, surprisingly simple lesson recommended for not just kids, but all ages.
With all of this emphasis on the words, however, it should be helpful to recall the Council of Trent's admonition that we believe the eucharistic presence is the result of the entire Eucharistic Prayer; that is the recalling of Christ and the invocation of the Spirit as well as the words of institution.
First Masterpiece of Chinese Painting: The Admonitions Scroll by Shaun McCausland (British Museum Press, pounds 16.
Most scholars believe that the theological admonitions in vv.
McLaughlin, 14, said teachers at his school in suburban Little Rock had punished him for discussing his sexual orientation and compelled him to read scripture and listen to biblical admonitions against homosexuality.
CPSC also offered toy safety tips, including such admonitions as buying toys to suit the age and development of the child, looking for sturdy construction in toys, and avoiding small parts when buying for infants and toddlers.
While there are more than a few admonitions here, there are also a lot of good nagging questions, doses of goofiness, hints of neurosis and superstition, and even the occasional ray of hope.
Katayama also announced admonitions for Akira Shimazu, administrative vice minister, Sadanori Amano, assistant minister, and Hiroaki Dan, director of the secretariat.
IBN SINA AND MYSTICISM REMARKS AND ADMONITIONS By Shams C Inati Published by Kegan Paul International ISBN 0 7103 0482 x Price 35.
Coward's score for Sail Away (1961) is a mix of ruefully romantic tunes like "Something Very Strange" and sassy admonitions such as "The Passenger's Always Right," wherein he advises, "He may have a yen for raw recruits or mountain goats .
A picture may be worth a thousand doctors' admonitions.
The Divorce Culture starts out reasonably enough, lulling the reader into complacency, if not acquiescence, with its drone of no-nonsense studies, statistics, and aptly-stated admonitions.