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After a series of admonitory reports from various environment agencies, the shoddy clean- up efforts have now drawn criticism from a parliamentary panel, which has expressed alarm over the worsening condition of the Yamuna.
Patsy thus took an omnibus review assignment and made it into a second manifesto speaking both for and to Journal x, an admonitory call to the aspiring upstarts responsible for the journal's direction and content to grow up, get serious, and take full responsibility for all that the pleasures of thinking entail in the contemporary academy and beyond.
The poem, whose tone is admonitory, highlights this insidious and pervasive form of amnesia of the fortunate for the less fortunate, highlighted by the refrain "You will forget" (pp.
According to the report, users can choose a delay option and choose 'giving up sleeping early', which results in an admonitory message being published automatically in WeChat's Moment.
Machacek concludes that the episode is "best understood as a negative or admonitory exemplum" necessarily including "both epic and mockepic strains" Most importantly (and utterly in tune with Milton studies in recent decades) Milton piles pressure on the interpretative strategies of the reader: "the sustained evaluative response its allusions demand of its readers" (60).
The root of the word calls for an overly specific definition: "terrorism: use of admonitory violence to intimidate a target group into changing a policy.
Yet Abraham, who speaks with God as with a friend, is strangely saved by a heathen's admonitory dream and strict moral code.
I can still feel the pierce of my mother's admonitory gaze when I attempted to follow him, but stopped.
During the licentious carnival in both novels the characters boldly use the familiar form of speech--Hans with Clavdia and the violinist Rudolf Schwerdtfeger with Adrian--and become per du, an admonitory pun on the French perdu (lost).
13) The admonitory and predictive aspect of dreams is utilized in the Greek romances; cf.
A pre-iPrEx placebo-controlled trial of TDF PrEP in gay and bisexual men in San Francisco offers admonitory data on bone risk in US men who may take PrEP.
Initially it felt like an admonitory bit of synchronicity.