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Despite its admonitory tone, ``Belly'' spends so much time caressing images of material wealth, female exploitation, spliff-smoking and murder that one has to worry about its effect on youngsters.
More recently, Holbrooke relied on the same architect of Balkan mayhem when he lifted the admonitory sanctions against Serbia over Kosovo, just as Milosevic began to introduce Bosnian-style ethnic cleansing into the province.
The preoccupation of this specific passage and the two that precede it with issues of penance and the forgiveness of sins, and the fear of the last judgement which it incites, are clearly homiletic in tone, and point to the admonitory purposes of the Visio Baronti.
A genuine gift in a year full of memorials, Atomic Ghost is a collection of powerful, admonitory poems which address the birth and legacy of nuclear warfare.
In a curiously plangent conclusion, Dana Brand laments the withering of that urban literature almost as soon as it came into being, and impugns the American literary imagination for its failure to respond to the challenge of the civic life of its major cities, admonitory words that have a poignant resonance in the aftermath of the recent riots in Los Angeles.
Although an epitaph to a Protestant princess of The Netherlands is in keeping with Elizabeth's policy of the period of supporting the native nobility of The Netherlands against Spain, it is also possible that the translation was made to provide an admonitory example to Elizabeth, encouraging her to follow the military activism in the Protestant cause demonstrated by the princess of Epinoy.
Hanawalt does not, however, go beyond these sources, and her picture largely reflects their admonitory and didactic tone.
John Paul did not write this admonitory missive as a response to some external crisis; by all accounts he's been fretting over all this lasciviousness for years.
When the task force came at last to its recommendations, it found public television in need of bracing reform in all sectors of its operations, but despite the repeated urging of "fundamental structural change" and the frequent use of the words "must" and "should," the admonitory paragraphs lacked conviction.
While the compositions of Epiphanius Evesham tend to depict the abandoned grief of the family, he also presents the deathbed as admonitory and inspirational: the dying man in his armour, recalling the |whole armour of God' of the devout Christian (Ephesians 6, 10-18), may fix his eyes on heaven in the assured hope of salvation (Lynstead, Kent, Lord Teynham, d.
Milton's epic is admonitory in that it dramatizes evil by showing pride, envy, and wrath in Satan and the rebel angels.
The biblical influence imbues the poem with a prophetic and admonitory mood.