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The launch of IEC materials and the adolescent fair were funded by the ADOHEARTS (Adolescent Health and Rights Enhancement through Innovation and System Strengthening) project, led by UNICEF and supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The primary focus of the project is to support a reduction in child marriage especially among adolescent girls.
In 2015, road injuries were the leading cause of adolescent death among 10 to 19-year-olds, resulting in approximately 115 000 adolescent deaths.
The leading cause of death for younger adolescent girls aged 1014 years are lower respiratory infections, such as pneumonia often a result of indoor air pollution from cooking with dirty fuels.
The findings also suggest early and late adolescents each attempt to cope with stressors in a variety of ways that become more diverse and adaptive with development through the adolescent years.
2006) on 400 adolescent girls aged 10-19 years, the most morbid conditions found was inadequate oral hygiene (55.
If the pregnant adolescent was struggling with her academic performance prior to her pregnancy, becoming pregnant may further reduce her academic performance.
While it is recognized that addressing all the rights of adolescents would be crucial for the progress and development of the country, based on the series of consultations and available data about the situation of adolescents in Pakistan and Punjab in particular, the Punjab Adolescent Strategy & Strategic Plan 2013-17 focuses on economic empowerment of adolescents, their education, health, social and others issues.
LAHORE -- Punjab Minister for Education and Youth Affairs Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan officially launched the Punjab Adolescent Strategy & Strategic Plan 2013-17, here on Saturday.
Adolescent Religiosity as a Mediator of the Relationship Between Parental Religiosity and Adolescent Health Outcomes
The concept had been proposed in Dashiff's previous studies (Dashiff, Hardeman, & McLain, 2008; Dashiff, Morrison, & Rowe, 2008; Dashiff, Vance, Abdullatif, & Wallender, 2009; Dashiff & Weaver, 2008) about adolescent attachment where parental separation anxiety was associated with glycemic control in younger adolescents.
The current study was designed to investigate age and gender differences in parent adolescent conflict.

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