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Results showed that in the intervention group, 71% of adolescents needed reminders and recall, and 12% needed home visits.
The process of adolescent individuation includes two essential parts: relinquishing childish dependencies on parents (i.
SAN DIEGO -- Adolescents with a history of alcohol use report a significant range of risk behaviors for problematic substance use and other problem behaviors, a study of adolescents being treated in the emergency department for an alcohol-related incident shows.
The investigators compared the characteristics and outcomes for adolescent mothers aged 18 years and younger with those of older mothers.
The purpose of the present study was to investigate whether adolescents' problem behaviors and school difficulties influence parent-adolescent conflicts above and beyond adolescents' embarrassment about their parents which hereafter is referred to embarrassment, acculturation gap, and age of the adolescents.
In response to the data, there has been a growing call for more research around adolescent substance use.
This article tackles the thorny issue of parental rights vis-a-vis adolescent rights with regard to adolescent sexual and reproductive health (SRH).
The adolescent brain also has a heightened biological vulnerability to the development of addiction (Chambers, Taylor, & Potenza, 2003); addictive disorders identified in adults usually begin in adolescence or young adulthood (Kandel, Yamaguchi, & Chen, 1992; Wagner & Anthony, 2002).
Persistently high rates of HIV and other STDs have a profound impact on the health of adolescent populations in the United States.
New Global Standards for quality health-care services for adolescents developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNAIDS aim to help countries improve the quality of adolescent health care.
The Journal of Adolescent Health(JAH), the Official Publication of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, has added an important new online resource, " For Parents & Teens," to directly connect adolescents, young adults, and their families to practical information and insights from trusted healthcare professionals in the field.
LAHORE -- Punjab Minister for Education and Youth Affairs Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan officially launched the Punjab Adolescent Strategy & Strategic Plan 2013-17, here on Saturday.

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