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To accept, appropriate, choose, or select, as to adopt a child. To consent to and put into effect, as to adopt a constitution or a law.

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v. 1) to take on the relationship of parent to child of another person, particularly (but not necessarily) a minor, by official legal action. 2) to accept or make use of, such as to adopt another defendant's argument in a lawsuit. (See: adoption)

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Table 6 One Way ANOVA for Student Adoptability for e-learning by Academic Background (N=211)
The prevalence of mastitis might be due to low adoptability of post milking therapy and poor sanitation conditions at farms having crossbred and exotic animals.
Developing a Framework for Assessing Adoptability of Citizen-Focused eGovernment Initiatives in Developing Countries: The Case of Tanzania; Exploratory Phase Results, Proceedings of the 8 (th) European Conference on eGovernment 10-11 July 2008, Ecole Polytechnique, Lausanne, Switzerland.
"Adoptability of grid computing technology in power systems analysis, operations and control", Generation, Transmission & Distribution, lET, 3(10): 949-959.
"And once we are into it, there is a strong adoptability by people." He also pointed out that there could be a shift from physical assets (gold, bullion, diamond, etc.) to financial assets because of demonetisation.
Firstly the proposed draft omits the most important section Section 22A of the Federal Seed Act 2015 which imposes a restriction of registration or enlisting imported plant variety, or hybrid and compulsory adoptability trials at multiple locations in Punjab, Sindh, KP, etc for at least two years within Pakistan to check their performance in local agro-climatic conditions.
On examination of the mean ranks obtained by each emotional intelligence of the employee, it is seen that interpersonal skills and adoptability is the most important emotional intelligence perceived by the respondents in working environment followed by the second level stress control and general mood and manner, and finally third level importance to intrapersonal skills.
When visitors rated a dog who was labeled as a pit bull, the dogs were found to be less attractive in terms of perceived approachability, friendliness, intelligence, aggressiveness, and adoptability compared with when the same dog was not so labeled.
The study also concluded that age and breed group were more important than coat color for adoptability. For example, so-called bully breeds, which can include American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers, face disproportionately longer stays in shelters.
In order to discover the scope for its adoptability in the modern day international politics and as a state system, To establish that the Islamic State system still maintain its relativity and effectiveness to the challenges of 21st century.
The good news is that their increasing adoptability shows signs of rising public confidence in using mobile apps and technology for their personal and commercial needs.
With its adoptability with the cold weather of Azerbaijan, Samand has been among the most popular passenger vehicles in the country.