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To accept, appropriate, choose, or select, as to adopt a child. To consent to and put into effect, as to adopt a constitution or a law.

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v. 1) to take on the relationship of parent to child of another person, particularly (but not necessarily) a minor, by official legal action. 2) to accept or make use of, such as to adopt another defendant's argument in a lawsuit. (See: adoption)

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Potential adopters must legally be a UK resident, and have been so for at least 12 months, as well as being aged 21 or over.
'One dog has no adopters because of health condition which requires maintenance medication.
The other two have adopters who showed interest but have no financial capability to maintain the said dogs.
are more across the needing a than there adopters For more information about adopting a child, visit adoption or call the agency on 0300 123 2676.
In addition, 16% of the early adopters earn more than $500,000 a year, compared with 11% of those not using AI.
"Previously, each local authority has effectively competed with each other for adopters and there has been a great deal of duplication of effort.
Additionally, first adopters demonstrate "more advanced smart speaker use" -- some 24% of first adopters use their smart home device to control home lighting, the thermostat or home appliances.
Christine Hartley said: "We've been station adopters at Pembrey and Burry Port for eight years now and it's a great way to socialise, keep active and make new friends.
The 33-year-old from Huddersfield has been called an 'adopter extraordinaire' and 'something of a unique individual' by the British Citizenship Awards (BCA).
Hospitals that were early adopters of a PFP program typically started from a higher baseline process measure score (91.5) than did late adopters (89.9).
With over 400 IoT platforms on the market, IoT analyst firm Beecham Research and its partner IoT Global Network have launched the first fully-independent, online IoT navigation tool to match adopter needs with IoT platform capabilities.