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To accept, appropriate, choose, or select, as to adopt a child. To consent to and put into effect, as to adopt a constitution or a law.

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v. 1) to take on the relationship of parent to child of another person, particularly (but not necessarily) a minor, by official legal action. 2) to accept or make use of, such as to adopt another defendant's argument in a lawsuit. (See: adoption)

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Because none of the HIPAA transactions presently requires an electronic signature, adopting a supporting standard could be delayed until the health industry, or for industry in general, settles on a common mechanism for a digital signature.
In other words, the law allows the adopted child to consider his/her adopting parents not just as tito at tita but his/her own tatay at nanay!
Such reasoning appears to be behind West Virginia's enactment of legislation adopting an updated conformity date of March 15, 2002.
Adults adopting foundling children seem to have been guided by some of the same motives as those involved in private adoptions, with the addition of a more self-conscious statement of charitable impulses that led them to take these stigmatized children into their homes.
In 2001, recognizing the need to bring the City's antiquated electrical code up-to-date, the City Council enacted Local Law 64 of 2001 adopting the NEC as the City's electrical code.
One thing that struck me that was missing, however, was the growing trend of single men who are adopting children and the challenges they face.
States adopting the Compact may elect to use the allocation and apportionment provisions of UDITPA.
In adopting the approach of mutual recognition in the financial area, the Community is in effect using trade in financial services as a lever to arbitrage the regulatory policies of the member states.
Bloomberg, joined by Department of Buildings (DOB) Commissioner Patricia Lancaster and City Council Housing and Buildings Chair Madeline Provenzano, announced on his weekly radio show with John Gambling on WABC that the city will issue an executive order to study the feasibly of adopting the International Building Code (IBC).
This may deter some plan sponsors (who currently have this requirement) from adopting these safe-harbor provisions.
What we did in adopting is a very private thing, and when the Right got ahold of it, it felt very mean and personal."
Taxpayers adopting this method do not associate package design costs with the individual package design asset to which they relate.