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At a certain point in life, adorability becomes a hindrance.
Fans loved him, too, his presence in the lineup a combination of cartoonish adorability and raw right-handed power, the likes of which had not been seen around Fenway since the days of Jimmie Foxx.
The people who will be most satisfied with The Boy From Oz are those who can't get enough of Hugh Jackman, He's likable in his lanky, flesh-faced Tommy Tune way, although he's slightly outshone in the adorability department by 11-year-old Mitchel David Federan, who plays the chubby, tap-dancing; butt-wagging Young Peter, underscoring the showbiz maxim about sharing the stage with kids animals.
Politicians and others who find themselves in the public gaze ex officio, as it were, and not on account of their personal adorability, may prefer to emphasize different emotions, but the feelings-test of personal and political authenticity that they must meet seems less and less distinguishable from that of other celebrities with each passing year.
Stephen Dillane as the playwright, Henry, is as good at delivering wit as Irons but less frightening, which probably accounts for the steep increase in his adorability quotient.
It doesn't hurt the adorability factor that Sashka is an unbelievably cute child and old Kaysm is lovably protective over his new charge.
She conjures just the right level of adorability without being sickly sweet -and manages to maintain a pretty impressive Kansas accent throughout, too.