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Stephen Dillane as the playwright, Henry, is as good at delivering wit as Irons but less frightening, which probably accounts for the steep increase in his adorability quotient.
It doesn't hurt the adorability factor that Sashka is an unbelievably cute child and old Kaysm is lovably protective over his new charge.
She conjures just the right level of adorability without being sickly sweet -and manages to maintain a pretty impressive Kansas accent throughout, too.
But that's the adjective--with its connotations of adorability and slightly excessive fussiness--that sprang to mind as I took in the works at his first museum survey exhibition, organized by Ron Platt of the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Even taking on Drew Barrymore with her adorability dial cranked past 10 didn't faze Sobieski, who plays a militant nerd in the new high school comedy ``Never Been Kissed.
Waldman, with her typical coruscating honesty, wrote that she let her youngest child get away with murder because she couldn't resist her adorability.