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Adorable urged barangay officials to take pro-active measuresand enact ordinance to maintain the cleanliness of its shoreline as she called upon the beach-goers to support the governments campaign on proper waste disposal.
Walk Buddy is a pedometer that features a cute adorable bear that also walks when you start to walk.
Adorable was honoured with MVP of the Conference and Finals MVP of the Conference for his exemplary performance during the game and throughout the season.
Adorable push-up bra [euro]50, suspenders [euro]34, tanga [euro]23
Adorable said that "for Zamboanga Peninsula, DENR-9 aims to plant 700,000 seedlings of various species covering about 1,000 hectares in identified National Greening Program (NGP) sites.
There's Jack Nicholson as Rudd's conniving old man and if he's less adorable than he normally is, it's only because his part is underwritten and frankly a little strange.
Dogs: 101 Adorable Breeds is a photographic showcase for dog breed lovers.
One such band was Coventry's Adorable, brimming with talent and confidence, they were signed to Creation Records in early 90s.
The adorable Andrex Puppy has created his very own Cosy Winter Goodie Pack, filled with everything you need for a wonderful winter.
ADORABLE Molly Isabel Evans is this ad woman's dream.