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AN instant hit when it started in the US last year, Ugly Betty lands here on a wave of adorableness and charm.
Beyond that, there's virtually no time to add a second dimension to anyone (Diane Lane shows up in what amounts to a cameo), with Bilson's adorableness doing most of the heavy lifting to establish a semblance of girl-in-jeopardy romance.
In no time at all, Mona is a somewhat vain and spacey teenager, whose anthropomorphic adorableness has given way to lanky, enticing limbs.
Pic relies too heavily on the undeniable adorableness of its diminutive star, but Freeman's uncompromisingly straight-ahead approach cuts through the schmaltz.
But despite the wide-eyed adorableness the thesp brings to the role, Ramon grows harder to admire--or even sympathize with--when he puts the odious Veber ahead of his patient and adoring wife.
Although fraught with silliness, the familiar premise does yield a modicum of suspense and appears destined to go about as far as Eliza Dushku's adorableness can take it.
Her co-stars, including Ryan O'Neal as her father and James Roday as her co-worker, counteract all the adorableness by being respectively brusque and annoying.
Unfortunately, the latter comes very close to the truth, as all the adorableness that Witherspoon has exhibited thus far in her career here takes on a certain hard, abrasive quality never visible before; the strain of trying to carry a picture single-handedly shows, as it did not in last summer's hit "Legally Blonde.
Potter's sheer adorableness does much to smooth over the movie's wobbly stretches.
Yet Gardos has a clear touch with talent, evidenced by a strong turn from Goldwyn as the wise and compassionate Peter and the scene-stealing adorableness of Banlaki as the puzzled yet brave little Suzanne.
For those who don't know better, her innate adorableness could overshadow her serious acting chops.