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Better to adore God so, in this form, than in no form at all
Mine old heart leapeth and boundeth because there is still something to adore on earth.
And if I adored her before, I now doubly adore her.
I adore cats on hearth rugs, snoozing before nice, friendly fires, but cats in back yards at midnight are totally different animals.
if you take to calling names again, you know the effect they produce upon me, and I shall adore you.
He told the TV series In Conversation With: "I was dead lucky that I had a wife, Jackie, who I adore and adores me, I had kids who know what I'm really like, and I had a reason to get better.
She is a strong, energetic girl and particularly adores her ball.
Smith, who sings and writhes around naked in an empty room for the promo accompanying Spanish language track Nada Se Compara, says she trusts and adores the Mexican actress.
But my wife adores Brussels and is pushing me to return to Belgium where I only have one offer.