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The judge gazed adoringly at sultry Julia on last night's show, gave her five "yes" buzzes and called her dancing "gold".
And between takes they gazed adoringly into each other's eyes, kissed and strolled hand in hand.
Too many celeb couples have gazed adoringly into each others' eyes and shared their joy with the magazine's readers only to next confront each other in a courtroom.
And as the group chatted, Bruni gazed at him adoringly, and even leaned across to wipe his eye.
HOW many new mums must feel inadequate as they marvel at the glossy pictures of celebrity mothers, perfectly groomed, slender and smiling adoringly at their new babies with beaming husband beside them.
Posh gazed adoringly at David and flashed her trademark rictus smile.
Naked American Indians gaze adoringly at conquering Spaniards.
CATHERINE Zeta-Jones looks on adoringly at husband Michael Douglas as he makes his first public engagement since beating throat cancer.
DEMI Moore gazes adoringly at toyboy husband Ashton Kutcher - as he sits glued to a basketball game.
J-Lo gazed adoringly at fiance Ben as they watched the LA Lakers take on San Antonio Spurs, quashing rumours of a rift between the pair.
His nagging resulted in the purchase of fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil, Kern said, smiling adoringly at her son.
The bookies' fancy has always been a favourite with girls - like the one gazing adoringly at him in the old black and white photo of their leading role rehearsals for a teenage production of Romeo and Juliet.