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By keeping their products free from fillers such as Talc, Rice Powder, Clay or Itchy Bismuth, Adorn has created a toxin free, natural Cream Foundation that lets your skin breathe, whilst providing it with a protective barrier against environmental stressors and daily dirt and grime - it is actually healthier for your skin than wearing nothing at all
Adorn is such an estranged, chilly figure he makes The Conversation's Harry Caul look like a positive party animal.
Target: Global assets and rights associated with the Soft and Dri, La Bella, Dep, Pure and Natural, Mink Difference, Adorn, and The Dry Look brands from High Ridge Brands
JAZZ up your summer wardrobe with a sparkling bracelet like the ones that adorn the wrists of tennis superstars, including Serena Williams - but without the hefty price tag.
INEXPENSIVE paintbrushes are a false economy, and the new handcrafted Adorn brushes (The Adorn Professional Paint Brush Set, PS18.
Gold accessories like crowns, armlets, waist belts, durva, modak to name a few to adorn Lord Ganesha this festive season.
Summary: Westerners have found an oriental alternative to tattoos as they flock to Dubai's tourist hot spots to adorn their bodies with henna, an Arabian art form used to adorn women's bodies for
Banksy's work also adorn a wall in Liverpool - recently partly covered-up.
So get with your girl, and shoot us a letter telling why you're dying to adorn yourselves.
Procida is also working with Brooklyn's Rotunda Gallery to select unique pieces of art to adorn the hallways throughout the building.
Amoeba Squared, a hand-knotted Tibetan wool rug, will adorn the office/media room; Pattern Squares, also hand-knotted Tibetan wool, will be in the living room; and Fiesta, a hand-tufted New Zealand wool runner, will cover the main hallway on the second floor of the house.