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The other adornment was the portrait of old Colonel Pyncheon, at two thirds length, representing the stern features of a Puritanic-looking personage, in a skull-cap, with a laced band and a grizzly beard; holding a Bible with one hand, and in the other uplifting an iron sword-hilt.
With some suitable adornments from my own fancy, it ran pretty much as follows.
heathenish adornment, and so walk the streets as brave as ever"
She craved those adornments of person which she saw every day on the street, conceiving them to be allies of vast importance to women.
Her bridal adornments, it is true, at first caused some little dismay, having painted and anointed herself for the occasion according to the Chinook toilet; by dint, however, of copious ablutions, she was freed from all adventitious tint and fragrance, and entered into the nuptial state, the cleanest princess that had ever been known, of the somewhat unctuous tribe of the Chinooks.
Now, on the contrary, she was perforce decked out in a way so inconsistent with her age and her figure, that her one anxiety was to contrive that the contrast between these adornments and her own exterior should not be too appalling.
The town spoke in her well-cut gown and a few simple adornments, but the dryad still moved inside.
And now, they were hers, but the tresses that should have adorned the coveted adornments were gone.
I'm not opposed to porn, pot, and body adornment, but they're hardly heroic acts.
Usually simplicity of line is a virtue, but this fuel cell concept carries lack of adornment to a logical but stultifying extreme.
She provides a lively discussion of the Bolsheviks' struggle with western fashions and their tacit acceptance of the legitimacy of personal feminine adornment.
Now, much as I'd like such a priceless adornment, I turned down the gracious offer.