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A singular tale had gone abroad among the ladies of the province, that their fair rival was indebted for much of the irresistible charm of her appearance to a certain article of dress--an embroidered mantle--which had been wrought by the most skilful artist in London, and possessed even magical properties of adornment.
The other adornment was the portrait of old Colonel Pyncheon, at two thirds length, representing the stern features of a Puritanic-looking personage, in a skull-cap, with a laced band and a grizzly beard; holding a Bible with one hand, and in the other uplifting an iron sword-hilt.
But it was in the adornment of the fair person of his dark-complexioned spouse that the tailors of the fleet had evinced the gaiety of their national taste.
Adornment of all India, heave to, or I'll bang every toe off your forefoot
She wore a red ribbon in her hair, and was the only one of the white company who could boast of such a pronounced adornment.
I remember her speaking of my smile, telling me it was my one adornment, and taking it from me, so to speak, for a moment to let me see how she looked in it; she delighted to make sport of me when she was in a wayward mood, and to show me all my ungainly tricks of voice and gesture, exaggerated and glorified in her entrancing self, like a star calling to the earth: "See, I will show you how you hobble round," and always there was a challenge to me in her eyes to stop her if I dared, and upon them, when she was most audacious, lay a sweet mist.
In the porch she found a crowd of little girls, all more or less gaily attired in whites and blues and pinks, and all staring with curious eyes at this stranger in their midst, with her extraordinary head adornment.
heathenish adornment, and so walk the streets as brave as ever"
According to the new law, jewellery is defined as an adornment which may be in contact with the human body during use, such as: Adornments worn on the wrist, including watches, Bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, Hair accessories, necklaces, piercing objects and rings.
Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Health presents physical damages associated with adornments, and guidance for selecting qualified artists.
Many of the entries feature black-and-white high quality photos of faces and their adornments.