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The information generated has important implications, as it can be used to develop guidelines including a neonatal screening programme for CAH to prevent deaths from adrenal crisis in unrecognised patients.
The bottom line is that an adrenal crisis can be life threatening--don't take your adrenal hormones for granted.
They must be given additional medication or an intramuscular injection when acutely ill to prevent a potentially fatal adrenal crisis.
Stressors like minor illnesses, surgeries and emotional stresses can push the patient to adrenal crisis.
2]/24hr) (9, 10) twice-daily (2mg in the morning and 1mg at 3pm) was given to prevent an adrenal crisis and the dose was tapered over two months.
Adrenal Crisis Due to Bilateral Adrenal hemorrhage in Primary Antiphospholipid Syndrome.
Simultaneous removal of both tumours was not undertaken to minimize the risk of adrenal crisis.