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While adroitly delving into timeless themes, the author also vividly explores the culture of the Keis: "Only women and children were inside the church.
40AM Sam Rockwell is a sex-obsessed med-school dropout in a wildly funny adaptation of an obscure cult novel by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk, balanced adroitly between cynicism and sympathy.
A balance between sensationalism and sound factual information is adroitly handled throughout.
The early history of institutions in New York State, New York City, and Staten Island is adroitly presented as a back-drop that allows the authors to showcase the particulars of Willowbrook itself.
Cy's gang mates are drawn as individuals with wisps of their past adroitly revealed.
No other writer has so adroitly interwoven Logos and Eros, thinking and feeling.
Big voices in the principal parts handled the demands of Beethoven's Fidelio adroitly in Michigan Opera Theatre's April production.
He will be missed, especially his humor, which he used adroitly to diffuse difficult situations, but also to heap coals of fire on fools," said his colleague on the Education Committee, Representative Duncan Kilmartin (R).
It has been noted that the life insurance industry must teach itself to adroitly navigate the changes that are on its plate for 2013, many of those within their control albeit the low interest rate environment which will remain until 2014 according to the Federal Reserve.
Kurt Trzcinski leads us adroitly, through close attention to the larger natural world and an apparently plain-spoken style, to sudden illuminations.
1 financial blog by Time in 2009, the magazine says "Although Mish is not an economist by training, he adroitly gets into the thick of economic data.
Similarly, tomorrow, the Bears will face Northamptonshire dircetly after a four-day fixture and bowling coach Graeme Welch knows they must adapt their game more adroitly this time.