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But David Cameron - so adroitly summed up as "a tw*t" by EastEnders' actor Danny Dyer - clearly decided he had to make some sort of mark after a reign marked by austerity and poverty.
The author's mastery of the material (adroitly enlivened through the work of his translator, Andre Naffis-Sahely) shines through as his narrative approaches the fateful battle in question.
He adroitly provides practical instruction on color-mixing, paint-blending, the wet-on-wet tactic, and far more.
ISLAMABAD -- Words cannot find description as the fabulously flown avions whizzed past engrossed crowd watching with held breath, the adroitly manoeuvered air formations of Pakistan, Turkish and Saudi Air Forces on Monday to add colour and sound to 70th Independence Day of Pakistan.
Jones is an adroitly polyphonic percussionist, even bringing baroque grace-notes into his armoury of phrasing, and his clattering decorations added frisson as this enthralling set concluded.
Retired Savage CEO Ron Coburn wrote the foreword, and he adroitly sets the stage for Royal.
The script delivers big, throaty laughs and adroitly juggles physical and verbal humour, inflicting injuries and indignities on the leading men for our sport and entertainment.
We are adroitly working towards making brand IPL bigger and better with each passing season and the open tender process is again a step in that very direction," he said.
Visually, Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni's picture is a black belt: bright colours saturate the screen, the 3D format is employed adroitly in gymnastic fight sequences.
Director Jessica Edwards adroitly entwines archival material, newly filmed interviews and live performances to create a cinematic portrait capable of converting the uninitiated into acolytes, and elevating casual interest to flood-tide levels of respect and affection.
From the only remaining cultural hub in a small town, the Mermaid Cafe, which exists where all others have been shut down by the government and story providing a child's eye perspective on its final demise and its effects on his world and the community at large to a tale of being "alone and helpless in a cold and spiritless house" in 'The Maid', these sagas are first-person reflections of what it means to live in modern Iran, and they adroitly explore the cultural boundaries of its traditions and people.
But there's plenty of life in Steven Spielberg's adroitly staged Atomic Age resurrection.