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The ability of an organization and its members to respond to internal and external pressures with adroitness is a necessary evolution of all organizations.
The move seeks to consolidate chemical and petrochemical marketing and distribution efforts into a single entity to provide adroitness in doing business and better serve the global market.
18) Even more sympathetic writers refer to his skill at playing people and groups against each other and to his adroitness in foreign policy.
7 Excellent volleyed finish for goal, performed with a thirst and adroitness.
Out of adroitness, I apologize to you for some of what I mentioned in this article.
Her adroitness in the ring raises her self-confidence and delivers opportunity.
The humanities "gave students an adroitness of mind in meeting new questions, and laid a foundation from which to explore the more important questions they would come to later in their studies" (Boston College Jesuit Community, 2008, p.
People's frustrations - like the portraits screaming silently - were incapable of being vocalized, and such politicized themes have been carried over to his new exhibit that demonstrates the same adroitness of articulating current political and social realities on canvas.
This softly executed work demonstrates the artist's adroitness as a portrait draughtsman, combining acute characterisation and composition with a bravura treatment of the medium.
Mind you, certain of our own politicians have shown a notable degree of adroitness at massaging figures in recent history.
Other facets of backcountry social culture that Longstreet realistically treats and Martin closely examines include the "competitive ethos," "ideal of fair play," "ideal of self-reliance and mental adroitness," (41), and strong family bonds in sketches such as "The Fight," "The Gander Pulling," "The Turn Out," and "The Horse Swap.
According to Kraft, dealers never did organize "because of the adroitness of management in making these concessions, the shortcomings of the union leaders behind the effort, and the indifference or resistance of many dealers to unionization.