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Then it was that Joe showed wonderful adroitness. In his naked feet, so as not to scratch the covering, he succeeded by the aid of the network, and in spite of the oscillations of the balloon, in climbing to the upper extremity, and after a thousand difficulties, in holding on with one hand to that slippery surface, while he detached the outside screws that secured the pipes in their place.
In their eyes, crime belongs to the assizes or the police-courts; but the socially refined evils escape their ken; the adroitness that triumphs under shield of the Code is above them or beneath them; they have neither eye-glass nor telescope; they want good stout horrors easily visible.
The difference between talents and character is adroitness to keep the old and trodden round, and power and courage to make a new road to new and better goals.
At last, recollecting himself, he stood up hastily, seizing his hat off his knees with great adroitness.
There is considerable evidence that low honesty-humility does a good job of capturing such qualities as egotism, materialism, social "adroitness," unethical decisions at work, delinquency and counterproductive behaviour in the workplace, and lack of integrity.
An interview provides a good opportunity for one to sell one's skills, knowledge, and adroitness.
He too has demonstrated a nimble adroitness that has seen him swing like a weathervane tilted by the breeze of success.
It's lovely, rampant and soaring, bringing together sharp Carnatic adroitness, tartly doleful harmonies fit for an English ballad, prog-rock muscle, bebop slipperiness, and " here and there " the blown dust of a Gustavo Santoalalla soundtrack.
Praising Nawaz Sharif's acumen who managed the foreign affairs ministry by himself, the prime minister said that he had not seen such adroitness in any other world leader.
SOFT set piece goals remain cause for concern AN Ipswich goal from a set piece was as much a likelihood for their adroitness from them as it was for Town's apparent inability to defend them.
The task required both adroitness and a keen sense of balance and timing, and some contestants failed to make the grade, thus dragging down their team's total score.
Speaking of the VoIP solution web pages, directors stated, 'Ecosmob is the VoIP company whose adroitness revolves around open source VoIP platforms.