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The difference between talents and character is adroitness to keep the old and trodden round, and power and courage to make a new road to new and better goals.
At last, recollecting himself, he stood up hastily, seizing his hat off his knees with great adroitness.
any adroitness that is uniquely human and therefore difficult to automate.
Kwakye's adroitness and sophisticated language evoke the colorful descriptions and allusions of reputable authors such as Hughes, Dumas, Shakespeare, Soyinka, Laing, Achebe, and p'Bitek, all under-girding this novel with erudition without surrendering its accessibility.
I watched the great Joshua Bell and Izthak Perlman with admiration and yearned to attain even a fraction of their adroitness.
I noticed that, too," Mascari said of the Vikings' adroitness around the rim.
An interview provides a good opportunity for one to sell one's skills, knowledge, and adroitness.
He too has demonstrated a nimble adroitness that has seen him swing like a weathervane tilted by the breeze of success.
Budding footballers flew to Lahore from all over Pakistan, that also included 12 teams for Under-19 Girls Football Tournament, which commenced on January 7 and continued with an exciting exhibit of adroitness and virtuosity, with Team ICAS emerging as title winners.
But what distinguishes the Moon rule from other brands of populism is the adroitness by which it is applied.
LABYRINTHS: Emma Jung, Her Marriage to Carl, and the Early Years of Psychoanalysis, by Catrine Clay (Harper Perennial) Carl (brilliant but poor, plagued by fits of moodiness and psychosis) and Emma may have appeared to be an unusual match, but this biography shows her adroitness in navigating his anxieties and their turbulent relationship " and highlights Emma's contributions to the psychoanalytic field.
Technology and world have contracted down to a single mobile screen with adroitness of men and to pace up with progressive world, it is important to be cognizant of the latest trends and updates.