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Calosoma cancellatum Eschscholtz, Calathus ruficollis Casey, Calathus ingratus Dejean, and Pterostichus adstrictus Eschscholtz.
Mean number of Amara sp (A), Pterostichus adstrictus (B), and Bembidion sp.
Pterostichus adstrictus is not found above tree line in "true tundra," but does occur on coastal tundra with a habitat range that extends into the Aleutian Islands (Lindroth, 1961-69).
Six species (Calathus ingratus Dejean, Carabus chamissonis Fisher, Carabus meander Fisher, Pelophila rudis LeConte, Pterostichus adstrictus Eschscholtz, and Pterostichus patruelis Dejean) are already known from Fort Severn, or along the Hudson Bay coast; however, two species, Amara erratica (Duftschmi) and Bembidion morulum LeConte, are recorded from Ontario for the first time, and Plalynus mannerheimi Dejean is recorded from Ontario for only the second time (CNC records).
Species Distribution Amara erratica Duftschmid Holarctic (8) Bembidion morulum LeConte Nearctic (6) Calathus ingratus Dejean Nearctic (7) Carabus chamissonis Fisher Nearctic (5) Carabus meander Fisher Holarctic (5) Dyschirius hiemalis Bousquet Nearctic (5) Elaphrus lapponicus lapponicus Holarctic (4,5) Gyllenhal Patrobus foveocoliis Eschscholtz Nearctic (5) Pelophila rudis LeConte Nearctic (5) Platynus mannerheimi Dejean Nearctic (7) Pterostichus adstrictus Holarctic (7) Eschscholtz Pterostichus brevicornis Kirby Holarctic (7) Pterostichus patruelis Dejean Nearctic (7) Pterostichus punctatissimus Randall Nearctic (7) Trichocellus cognatus Gyllenhal Holarctic (8) Species General Collection Locales Amara erratica Duftschmid Widespread, yet represents the first record for Ontario.