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Cocaine-related retiform purpura: evidence to incriminate the adulterant, levamisole.
The present approach indicated that the diamond cell ATR-FTIR spectroscopy can be a suitable tool for the determination of PROO adulterant in EVOO oil samples.
Detection of adulterants or adulteration in Petroleum Products is quite a rigorous and cumbersome task owing to the basic fact that they are all made up of hydrocarbons with relatively same background characteristics.
Spectra of the doped samples showed the technique was sufficiently sensitive to detect the presence of the adulterants at an addition of 1% (w/w) (fig.
However, it is important to note that while Chinese government officials were publicly denying any responsibility or culpability for the OSCS adulteration scandal, SFDA inspectors were closely working with US FDA representatives to identify the adulterant source.
Adding hair and oral fluids to a testing program has an additional advantage: "There are very few adulterants out there for hair and oral fluid testing, and it's really unclear whether they even work," Shelton says.
Collection containers of approximately 60 to 85 ml should be used; this is sufficient for testing, but makes it more difficult to get solid adulterant into solution.
In an 8-to-1 decision, the high court ruled that the act's wording on this issue is grammatically open to different interpretations: one that makes establishing a tolerance level mandatory for any toxic adulterant, the other that puts creation of such a tolerance at the agency's discretion.
Officers found a rally-type racing vehicle, which was also suspected as being stolen and a quantity of what is believed to be adulterant - which is used as a cutting agent for Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine.
Quinine, an adulterant in heroine is thought to induce lymphatic injury.
The usual substances used to imitate EBN include edible plants, fish skin, mushroom, algae, agar, red seaweed, karaya gum, sodium alginate, Tremella fungus, egg white and even non-halal adulterant like pork skin are quite widespread.