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Mixing something impure with something genuine, or an inferior article with a superior one of the same kind.

Adulteration usually refers to mixing other matter of an inferior and sometimes harmful quality with food or drink intended to be sold. As a result of adulteration, food or drink becomes impure and unfit for human consumption. The federal Food and Drug Administration prohibits transportation of adulterated foods, drugs, and cosmetics in interstate commerce, as provided under the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C.A. § 301 et seq. [1938]). State and local agencies, acting under the authority of local laws, do the same to ban the use of such impure goods within their borders.

ADULTERATION. This term denotes the act of mixing something impure with something pure, as, to mix an inferior liquor with wino; au inferior article with coffee, tea,.and the like.

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The second category of products is in vitro urinary adulterants: Stealth, Klear (nitrite), Clean ADD-IT-ive (glutaraldehyde), and Urine Luck (pyridinium chlorochromate, [PCC]), which are available through the Internet.
It summarizes the published data on boswellia quality issues, in particular the challenges in distinguishing Boswellia serrata from its potential substitutes and adulterants, details analytical methods to detect adulteration, and provides information on the nomenclature, cultivation, harvest, and market importance of boswellia.
Performance evaluation of three on-site adulterant detection devices for urine specimens.
A major absorbance peak is present at 550 nm, which does not interfere with the native absorbance of the urine or urine to which the adulterant was added (Fig.
In total 1.2kg of heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, 8.5kg of adulterant and 2.4kg of cannabis were attributed to the group.
The ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Program has published a new Botanical Adulterants Bulletin (BAB) on arnica (Arnica montana).
Darren Alcock, Paul Lockley, Brian Evason, Thomas Curry, Leslie and Robert Pearce, Neil Jordan, James Conroy, Dean Hayes and Gillian Stuart were accused of storing, preparing and supplying adulterants to mix with drugs across Merseyside and Scotland.
Diesel is used by very many machines and so a drop in its sale when we thought we had dealt with the adulterant is shocking," the source said.
At that time, the notion that heroin was contaminated with other psychoactive drugs, medications, fillers, and other adulterants was a foregone conclusion--though in public health and treatment discussions, this issue is hardly ever raised.
The adulterated drugs are defined as any drugs found to contain an adulterant or substituted substance.
When police searched Malcolm's home, they found pro plus pills, which they believed were being used as an adulterant in low purity cocaine.