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She said around 900 kg substandard and unhygienic non-food grade colour, artificial sugar (sweetness-mathas) and other adulterated products were seized.
The officials of District Food Authority were showing criminal negligence in this regard and did not take any notice so far against adulterated food mafia manufacturers.
Each type has a different colour, and we cannot say they are adulterated because of their brown, white, light or extra light amber colours," he explained.
If oil companies are proven to have adulterated petroleum products, penalties will be imposed on them in accordance with the provisions of the Retail Rules and Biofuels Law.
None of the raw herb samples were adulterated with dyes; the latter were only found in extracts and finished products.
The Department of Justice will continue to work aggressively to protect consumers from adulterated food and enforce our nations food safety laws.
Keywords: poly(-caprolactone), Electro-spinning, Adulterated gasoline, Thinner; Toluene.
Fruits, vegetables, edibles particularly beverages, bottled water, cooking oil and ghee, spices, tea, sweeteners like sugar, sweetmeats and bakery products, milk and milk products are adulterated to a vast extent in our country.
The unwitting use of institutionally adulterated diesel in transport vehicles, particularly buses, trucks and jeepneys, is the primary and major cause of smoke belching," he said.
The Chief Minister while issuing instructions from London today, said that concerned institutions should take vigorous action against the sale of Haram, dead and unhygienic meat as well as adulterated items and the elements involved in this evil business should be behind the bars.
Milk is mixed with water; Vanaspati is used as an adulterant for ghee; Ergot is used as an adulterant for cereals; Chalk-powder is used as an adulterant for flour; Papaya seeds are used as an adulterant for pepper; Brick-powder is used as an adulterant for chili-powder; Tamarind seed powder is used as adulterant for coffee; Wood powder is adulterated for turmeric and dhaniya powder.
The ministry confiscated more than 2,000 bags of the adulterated rice before it could reach the market.