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On a tip-off, a PFA team led by Additional Director General (Operations) Rafia Haider raided the factory and caught red-handed workers while preparing adulterated products.
Besides manufacturing of adulterated foods, there lies a food outlet or restaurant at every nook and corner of the District.
The AAC imposed hefty fine on sellers of adulterated milk and destroyed the seized milk.
Muscat: With the Omani honey market being flooded with hundreds of brands, the chances of consumers being hoodwinked with adulterated product have gone up recently.
The chemical adulterants weren't identifiable using the color test in 90 of the 211 adulterated samples, but the most common ones found bath salts, specifically methylone in 35 and other cathinones in 21 of the adulterated samples.
We have to protect our consumers from buying and using adulterated petroleum products, hence we are conducting onsite inspections,' Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said in a statement.
John's wort (SJW) ingredients and products suspected to be adulterated based upon a simple preliminary test, proposed enhanced authentication procedures along with a decision flowchart to systematically rule out SJW adulteration.
The complaint alleged that Kwong Tung Foods violated the federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act by causing noodles and sprouts to be adulterated in that they have been prepared, packed and/or held under insanitary conditions whereby the food may have become contaminated with filth or have been rendered injurious to health.
Keywords: poly(-caprolactone), Electro-spinning, Adulterated gasoline, Thinner; Toluene.
Fruits, vegetables, edibles particularly beverages, bottled water, cooking oil and ghee, spices, tea, sweeteners like sugar, sweetmeats and bakery products, milk and milk products are adulterated to a vast extent in our country.
The unwitting use of institutionally adulterated diesel in transport vehicles, particularly buses, trucks and jeepneys, is the primary and major cause of smoke belching," he said.
He said that the collusion between the mafias involved in the sale of dead and Haram meat and adulterated and substandard items will be eliminated and this evil business will be rooted out at any cost.