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Director General Food Authority said that information had received about manufacturing of adulterated spices in the factory on large scale.
Tribune Online gathered that the suspects were caught carrying 3, 500 litres of adulterated petroleum products.
He said the authority had seized 1,100 litres of adulterated loose oil and sent its samples for laboratory test.
Everywhere, we have been experiencing adulterated things.
The teams took 2000 KG adulterated milk from the spot and imposed heavy fines of the sellers besides sealing their shops.
The adulterated milk is prepared with chemical powder, urea and water.
There will be separate taskforces for the south, east, west and north regions which will take indiscriminate action against the elements involved in heinous trade of substandard and adulterated items.
Every year during the festive season, various cases of adulterated and artificial sweets are reported as the traders often use below standard products to earn higher profits.
Criminals running illegal but very profitable dairies and a host of individual milkmen extract fat ( cream) from natural milk and then mix urea, caustic soda, detergents and formalyn -- which cause irreparable damage to body organs and can sometimes be life- threatening -- before pushing the adulterated milk into the market.
According to details a location in Gulbahar area was identified as adulterated unit for black tea by Food Authority's investigation team headed by Muhammad Shoaib Khan the Deputy Director administration.
The Warri South Chairman warned against the use of adulterated kerosene and tasked media practitioners as well as the National Orientation Agency to embark on advocacy against the sale and use of adulterated kerosene to avert further loss of lives and property.
Enforcement teams placed screening pickets at the entry and exit points of each cities and disposed of 4,915 litres adulterated milk and foiled an attempt to supply of impure milk in the market.