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Al Sallagi also shed light on the issues of halal food adulteration saying: "As more food becomes available in the market, the authenticity of halal food has raised much concern among Muslim consumers throughout the world.
The incentive for such intentional acts of adulteration or mislabeling is driven by economic considerations," says Frank Corden, EcoAnalytix Business Segment Leader, Environmental, Food and Consumer Product Safety, PerkinElmer Analytical Sciences.
Generally, adulteration levels are so high that they must be deliberate, says Reimann.
The concern is not always a matter of adulteration or toxicity but rather on whether the product, say olive oil, complies with the required chemical characteristics.
To be sure, intentional adulteration preceded the advent of the global supply chain.
Among the analyses that are available to combat these practices are tests for quality, authenticity, adulteration, edibility, conformity with specifications and geographical origin, says Baldi.
In the case of added sugar to juices, such adulteration becomes more complex because sugars already exist in juices and it is difficult to make determinations of origin--but this can be done through isotope concentration of the different types of sugars," says Reimann.
Adulteration has to exist at a fairly high level for the olive oil to deviate sufficiently outside the required standards.