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The government should also continuously inform as how many adulterators were punished for food adulteration.
Dawari asked detectives and judicial staff to punish adulterators to curb malpractices.
Calling for the need for consumer education to prevent food-borne illnesses, he said, "If the consumers are quality-conscious, quantity-conscious and safety-conscious, they can help the cause of organisations like the BIS to maintain safety of food products and help bring the adulterators to justice."
Hundreds and thousands of vehicles owners have been bearing the brunt of adulteration in gasoline over the period owing to negligence of quality maintenance authorities as well as ill wishes of adulterators. Though the quality checking authorities hounded some of the adulterators, an overall better quality of oil products remains question mark with lot of vehicle owners suffering from problems like early engines seizure and poor average of vehicles.
Department officials carried out massive operations against the adulterators in
In August 2003, the federal cabinet increased the punishment for adulterators to 25 years imprisonment.
Uttar Pradesh government had last evening issued stern directions for initiation of a drive against adulterators and fake drug sellers.
Adulterators and commercial crooks rally as "enterprising business men." The puppets of the Interests, from the town council to Congress, stand together as "statesmen." On the other hand, the public they plunder, like Martha "troubled about many things," divides on race, creed or style, pelts the nonconformist more than the sinner, and lays on a little finger where it ought to wield a fist.
7th: Federal Cabinet announced 25 years jail for adulterators.
Hence every aspiring counter-elite in an Islamic country--whether modernizing or conservatizing--must present itself as more pious than the elite it is seeking to replace, while stigmatizing its competitors as apostates and adulterators of the faith.
Whately claimed in his Elements of Rhetoric that such "sophistical tricks of the Art [of Rhetoric]" were actually akin to those tricks used by "the adulterators of food or of drugs" (v).
He has two uneasily-compatible reputations: as a westerniser who introduced the novel into Bengali literature; and as a defender of the indigenous religion and culture of Bengal against foreign critics and adulterators. His Hinduism was unorthodox to the pundits; his nationalism was heresy to the Raj.