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Therefore the Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) and the fuel sellers have been fleecing the consumers of million of rupees with Pakistan State Oil remaining atop the adulterators.
PFA will deal the adulterators iron hand and push them to corner in order to avoid any health risk in future,' he added.
KARACHI -- Karachi administration in its campaign against profiteers and adulterators here on Thursday imposed a fine of Rs 926,500 on 297 retailers.
The Bench had earlier said it would be foolish to go lightly on adulterators just because no grievous illness or death has been reported immediately after someone drinks milk laced with such poisonous substances.
LAKKI MARWAT -- Deputy Commissioner Syed Zafar Ali Shah took serious notice of complaints about adulteration in locally made spices and milk supplied from Punjab and directed the officials of administration and food department to take action against the adulterators.
In August 2003, Federal Cabinet increased the punishment for adulterators to 25 years imprisonment.
On the temporal side why shall not our governments at various levels enforce deterrent punishments to adulterators initially through legislation, and latterly through setting up a machinery that will be efficient enough to detect foulplay where ever it exists?
The media also needs to supplement the efforts of authorities by exposing the names and faces of adulterators on the TV screens.
SARGODHA -- The district administration has urged the officials of food department to take strict action against adulterators who were playing with the lives of people and profiteers.
Rawalpindi -- On special directives of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif , Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has launched third shift of operation against adulterators in Rawalpindi division besides setting up special operation teams to conduct raids at night time.
The bench suggested an amendment to the law after the Uttar Pradesh government said it faced a hurdle in prosecuting adulterators under the Indian Penal Code and seeking life imprisonment after the Allahabad High Court ruled in 2010 that IPC could not be invoked when the FSSA should prevail.
As result, the adulterators and bogus businessmen seemed to have found a free market for selling life saving drugs, medicines and other products with fake labels and name of companies.