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61) In a rare archival find, the confiscated diary of a bracero, a politically conscious and torn convert, a young unmarried man called Monde, reads: 'Shameful, I had over doze [sic] shots of illicit gin and palm oil wine and adultered and woke up to 12 noon at the premises in the Afonta local Bar.
A food is deemed to be adultered if it contains any poisonous or deleterious substance, which renders it injurious to health (WHO, 2003).
The 2008 Chinese milk scandal where formula was adultered with melamine, and more recently the UK meat scandal of beef products containing horse meat are just a couple examples of food fraud cases that caught the world's attention.
Eye sight of children may be affected besides causing diarrhoea, indigestion and headache owing to use of Urea adultered milk, said Dr Riaz.
Mister added, "We hope that FDA will take immediate action against these companies whose mislabeling makes those products adultered under the law "
49, 53-54 (1994) (noting that "[w]hile some courts [have] adopted Kelsen's proposition that efficacy of a coup [and constitutional order] bestows validity in an adultered form, others modified this with or substituted it by doctrines of state necessity, implied mandate, and public policy.
After a year, the purchasing organization became suspicious of the low price and found out that fruit concentrates were adultered and the concentrate was made primarily of beet sugar, apple flavor, caramel color, and corn syrup.