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The researchers analysed data from more than 1,400 participants in 11 North Carolina counties who were followed from childhood through adulthood.
The study is ongoing and has followed the participants from childhood through adulthood -- most are now in their 30s.
Pulkki-Raback and associates, subjects' average score on the ideal cardiovascular health index in adulthood was 2.
Adolescence and young adulthood may be "sensitive developmental periods" for revamping personal values in response to cultural and economic shifts, says Patricia Greenfield, a UCLA psychologist.
A big part of this, I think, comes from how we see adulthood when we're growing up.
Professor Dieter Wolke, of the University of Warwick, and Dr William Copeland, of Duke University Medical Center, led the research and found the 'bully-victims' presented the most significant health risk for adulthood, being more than six times more likely to be diagnosed with a serious illness, smoke regularly or develop a psychiatric disorder.
Yet, many parents see the longer road to adulthood as negative rather than positive.
The traditional transition period between adolescence and adulthood has become extended.
For this reason a recent study in Germany looked at the effect of breastfeeding in the prevention of major depression in adulthood.
Those who had been bullied had an elevated rate of agoraphobia (fear of going out) in adulthood.
The changes that come with coming in adulthood are something we all face, but for Janner Wingfeather, his brother's progress into adulthood is cause for concern.
In your introduction to the first compilation, "coming-of-age" novels, you defined this stage as "the transition from childhood to adulthood.