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Therefore Locke can be seen to adumbrate Nietzsche's tropological theory rather than serve as a foil to it.
Though their narrative ends in June 1994, Silber and Little effectively adumbrate the Dayton accords--the essence of which, from a Serb point of view, is Milosevic's abandonment of territory seized by the very Bosnian and Croatian Serbs he had urged into war earlier.
In the final moments of Maelstrom the vantage point seems to be Morris's own In the Upper Room, where he, like Tharp, layers speeds and movement colors and textures in a physical rush to adumbrate the haunting restlessness of what is, in this instance, the music's central "ghostly" theme.
Confessing at the outset that his study is idiosyncratic in content, he selects a rich variety of figures to adumbrate free speech's fitful birth.
Whereas the first wave of scholarship posed a "class over race" perspective, recent studies adumbrate the complex intertwining of "race and class" consciousness.
Eventually, we come to realize, much more clearly than Pietro and his innocuous companions ever do, that the anxieties and frustrations that fill the boy's private world are but a faint reflection of insidious forces run amuck--those that militate on a grand scale to undermine every principle of law and social justice, in effect, through the judicious interspersion of various chronological references, Vinci allows us to adumbrate by ourselves the realpolitik that obtained in Italy from the late 1920s to the mid 1940s.
The limitations of space prohibit Mary Gallagher from doing more than adumbrate an argument that deserves far more attention.
Primarily, the text creates not personalities to match the portraits of the General Prologue, but voices which adumbrate the interaction of tellers with tales.
Father Mahoney skillfully examines the nature and role of metaphysical hierarchy in Ficino, with its epistemological implications, while Charles Fantazzi looks at the Parisian sojourn of Vives from 1509 to 1514, and shows how the various inaugural lectures he composed at the time adumbrate positions later explored in depth in his De disciplinis.
In a brief review, it is impossible to do anything but adumbrate the perversity of the opinions of this profoundly illiberal and antimodernist "reformer"; as "a violent Tory of the old school;--Walter Scott's school, that is to say, and Homer's," Ruskin was in principle opposed to neither feudalism nor slavery.
The contributors together adumbrate a European context in which the living and the dead were always in conversation with one other, for the dream of death and the dream of worldly commemoration coalesced and found expression at the moment of passing.