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The speed at which we're burning our way through the world's fossil energy resources is outlined in a chapter that's matter-of-factly headed 'The oil will be used up within forty years', and the environmental damage that's the inevitable by-product of energy conversion is carefully adumbrated, along with the stark reminder that 'the best energy source is the one that is not used'.
Had the request been for a dissolution, then there are some guidelines adumbrated in the UK by Sir Alan Lascelles (not, though, that they would have bound the governor-general).
The conclusion towards which they are working is adumbrated at the outset: that while both texts have a utopian dimension, in the later piece the characters that embody utopian ideas remain isolated; the possibility that they might band together to effect change no longer seems conceivable.
In four sections--"The Mind's Eye," "The Lesser and Greater Worlds," "Force," and "Making Things"--the exhibition expanded the analysis of the deep relations adumbrated in the "Theme Sheet.
The contrast between these positions, and the ironic commentary on the very idea of dying for love adumbrated in Chretien's Cliges, demonstrates a sophisticated awareness of the discursive construction of "dying for love" emerging within a very few generations after the invention of the topos in troubadour lyric.
According to an alternative reading, the statement describes the retrospective effort of the student to articulate a thorough conceptual framework in full knowledge that this may be undoable and that the very achievement of a convincing formulation will engender the modifications and the dialectic adumbrated in Halakhic Mind.
The latter, adumbrated by Rudolf Agricola and Philip Melanchthon, maps reified data in printed books, infecting the mindset of both Protestant reformers (16) and post-Tridentine Catholic apologists (71).
He traces how the religious system adumbrated in one set of canonical documents changed in character as it emerged in a different, later set of documents in the same canon.
When I wrote a book on Montale's poetry in the early 1980s, I corresponded briefly with Irma Brandeis, who had by then been identified as the real-life model for the poet's version of Beatrice or Laura: Clizia, Montale's poetic beloved, a figure who appears in poems contained in the volume La bufera e altro, but who is adumbrated in the sunflower of Ossi di seppia years before.
All are obsessed with the compelling object, despite the dead end limitations already adumbrated.
The wave of the future, adumbrated by the EU, is away from divisive and abrasive borders.